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( Feb. 4th, 2011 10:28 pm)
Full Da Man interview. Includes such gems as:

I’d love to be the Master of Ceremonies for the [Broadway theater production] Cabaret. Alternatively, there are a lot of [playwright Edward] Albee plays that I’d love to work on … There’s a wonderful play called The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia? by Albee and I’ve always wanted to be the kid [Alan Strang, a stableboy at a horse ranch with a violent streak] in the theater production of Equus, [written by Peter Shaffer].

DARREN IN THE EMCEE COSTUME = MY BRAIN MELTS. The last one? Yeah, that's Daniel Radcliffe's naked play.

If I ever do a musical on Broadway, I do hope it is one of mine. I would even love to just sit in an audience and see one of my shows on Broadway.

Me too, Darren. Me too.

I'm working on icons from the pictures, but I don't want to just churn out a bunch of mediocre ones, so I'm taking my time. There's some adorable ones over here if you're gagging for 'em.

Tiny bit of Darren being adorbs at the beginning.

Leak of When I Get You Alone - SERIOUS spoilers, not like Bills Bills Bills )

This video isn't new, but I really love it. I love how that woman comes up an randomly talks about the flower and Darren's totally into it.

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