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( Feb. 10th, 2011 12:15 pm)
Re: Glee

My favourite musical numbers to watch on this show are always anything by Blaine or Puck. Puck kills me. I love his voiceovers like burning, too.

Also, the adorableness of Darren in both Sue Sylvester Shuffle Bowl and Silly Love Songs gave me heart palpitations, I'm pretty sure.

I don't think people really understand how things work in the Gleeverse. Nothing has consequences. Little bit spoilery )These are things we accept.

Comment and I'll pick five of your icons. Post an entry about why you love those icons.

[ profile] zombres picked for me:

1. Supes: Misha's a Special Snowflake by [ profile] fifteenminutes @ [ profile] unlovablehand

Misha is the most sarcastic, insane celebrity pretty much ever. He makes shit up on a regular basis. I love the whimsical way he approaches life. I also love his gorgeous face, and his sexy voice, and generally the fact that he exists. This icon, with his silly hat and sillier quote, embodies those qualities. Sort of. I guess.

2. LotR: Geez Aragorn by [ profile] proverbial_icon

This cracked me up so hard when I first saw it. I don't even like Napoleon Dynamite that much, but this! Their faces! It still makes me smile. Also, it's kind of a fixture in my icons now. You know how there are some you will never, ever delete?

3. ST: They're Good by [ profile] duskwillow @ [ profile] duskicons

Oh hey, this was my very first Star Trek XI icon! Such an accurate description of how I feel about this movie, and them in it. The font on this is adorable, too. I really need to do a rewatch.

4. ST: Jizz in my Pants [ profile] chisels @ [ profile] sealings

I like to have icons about how hot certain people are, and this one makes me laugh. That caption for the image is gold. And again, an incredibly accurate icon. Chris Pine is so damn hot, seriously.

5. Dollhouse: Enver Needs an Emmy by [ profile] dekolette

Have you SEEN him act? Enver Gjokaj deserves ALL THE AWARDS, and yet nobody seems to give him the credit he's due. He is the most versatile actor, honestly - he is able to jump in and out of the most convincing characters without so much as getting in costume (Laurence Dominic, hello?) His Victopher is one of the greatest performances I have ever seen in my life. Also, he's cute. Also, [ profile] dekolette is an awesome icon maker.

6. Dom: Too Much? by me

I'm not a huge fan of the style of this icon, but I am a huge fan of Dom trying on ALL THE SUNGLASSES AT ONCE, and sometimes it can be an appropriate icon to use. I do tend to go overboard every so often. Just a little.

7. DCriss: My Bad by me

This is one of my most favourite pictures of Darren ever. HIS LITTLE FACE. IT IS SO PRECIOUS IT HURTS. I love him at the Roxy, with the bow tie. He's just...he's so cute.

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