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( May. 24th, 2011 10:14 pm)
You guys, you guys, I've figured it out: Starship is The Little Mermaid.

The mermaid/bug lives in world full of amazing things but wants to be human more than anything and spends all their time surrounded by human things. They fall in love with a dumb but pretty human whose life they saved, and then a rather large bad guy with too many legs comes along and sings a kick-ass baddie song and magics him/her into a human for their own twisted purposes. Blah blah blah death and destruction, the good guy almost-dies and transforms back into their original form. Sure, Ariel gets a slightly different ending from Bug, but Starkid weren't going to give up the opportunity for a gross interspecies make-out session. You've got Roach for Flounder in the cute animal sidekick stakes, and the Mosquito Brothers for Flotsam and Jetsam on the evil minion front, and the Queen vs. Triton as the initially controlling but ultimately supportive leader.

I Wanna Be = Part of Your World
Beauty = Under the Sea
The Way I Do = Kiss the Girl
Kick It Up a Notch = Poor Unfortunate Souls

I realise that it's hardly the first time this story has been done, but I felt like sharing this epiphany. Also, a movie review:

22nd May: Away We Go )

3 out of 5

Working on Darren icons from the GQ shoot. Also, if you're an English Darren fan, he's doing a show. DON'T MISS OUT. I WOULD KILL TO GO. Not literally, of course. Unless you know of an opportunity. Just kidding.

Darren won AfterElton's Hot 100. I'm not surprised at all.

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