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( Jul. 29th, 2011 09:45 pm)
I iconned.

3 x Glee cast
26 x Darren Criss
11 x Starkid


Click for the rest @ [ profile] thegreenscene.

So, while LJ was down, I watched almost all of Starkid's entire back catalogue - rewatched Starship and the Potter musicals, Little White Lie (still really not a big fan, but ♥ Lauren, Brian, Nick and Darren, and "Duder's a Spy" might be one of the best songs ever), and the video below, as well as watching the vids from Leakycon about fifty times. What did you do?

Ausflug ins Grüne, or as it's known on Tumblr, What the Fuck Did I Just Watch? I was just watching it like "LOL, art". I sort of get it, I just don't see the point. I did watch it twice to see if I could find all the Starkids in it - I've got Julia, Lauren, Darren, Moses and Dylan, but I can't find Meredith and Walker. I'm guessing they've got hoods on or I'm stupid.

Darren and Dot continue to be adorable.

Who's in the Chicago area? If I could teleport, I'd be at Starkid's Funtastic Slamaganza. I bet it'll be a blast.

Darren Fans Charity Rockout.

Darren Confirmed To Be Involved In Upcoming Film “Imogene” where he will play Kristen Wiig's love interest.

Darren & Starkid spam )

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