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( Sep. 24th, 2011 03:32 pm)
So I've been thinking of taking a cooking class and lamenting the fact that I couldn't find one to do in Canberra, even with all my Google-fu.

AND THEN, yesterday, a flyer came in the mail for a previous tenant of my apartment - and it was offering a whole bunch of courses, including cooking classes! It's like a scientific coincidence that I will choose to interpret as fate! There are two classes run by the same guy that are the same price and go for seven weeks. Now, the obvious choice would be Cooking 101, but I REALLY want to take the "Cooking for Blokes" class because:
a) I don't like the idea of being excluded based on my gender and
b) it might be a good way to meet guys.


[Poll #1781143]

Keep in mind I'm also actually unemployed right now, but I do have a fair bit of money and this course costs much, much less than even my rent for one week. It works out at less than $50 a week.

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