Today has been a form-filling kind of day. I had to fill out a tax return, change my address, apply for a job, and fill in a statutory declaration that [ profile] tuatha_de and [ profile] acroamatica are madly in love.

People's Choice Awards are up for you to go nominate for. Most of mine were write-ins.

Regarding Psych 6.02 'Last Night Gus' )

On October 17th I watched Me and Orson Welles )

3.5 out of 5

Fashion's Night Out 2011 from Zack Wolder on Vimeo.

Look, it's Darren's ass in tight red pants the cast of Glee in a fashion shoot!

Oh yeah, and that happened.

Darren spam, mostly from the Four Seasons Glee photocall on October 17th )

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