I have been wanting to do this since I discovered my un-opened Serenity Collector's Edition a couple of days ago and now I am finally settling down to watch Serenity with the CAST COMMENTARY. OMG. I have been hanging out with Jamie and Mitchell (and Kyle) for the last couple of days.

CANBERRA PEOPLE, don't forget about the CIVIL UNIONS RALLY this Saturday! Legislative Assembly, 1 pm.

Before I leave you, you must check out [livejournal.com profile] ack_attack's Lost season 3 recap. Full of the lulz. And also, Jake Is Taking Heath's Death 'Harder Than Most', poor baby :(

Daily Dom Dose )

If love is a bolt from the blue then what is a bolt but a glorified screw
Green Queen
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( Oct. 22nd, 2007 11:09 pm)

Info on that episode of the fourth season of Veronica Mars that never came to be.

Recasting for The Lovely Bones.

LMAO, this is brilliant: When Dumbledore could've mentioned his big shiny gayness in the books.

[livejournal.com profile] speakfree made some AWESOME Supernatural icons, headers & wallpapers - I'm using the first one as my new background. I love that car. There's also some great Bad Day at Black Rock icons here.

There's a good post-Brokeback fic over here if anyone's interested.

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Equity for all
Green Queen
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( Feb. 20th, 2007 11:55 pm)
I think that I would understand Brokeback if it were in a completely different language. I'd say as a silent film, but then you wouldn't have all the gorgeous soundtrack and aching silences and perfect sound effects. But it's a film that doesn't need a word of intelligable dialogue (and doesn't have that many.) The script is good, but it's visually and aurally perfect. Every scene is its own story and fits into the bigger story, every scene has a purpose, and the visual framing and mise-en-scene is always flawless.

Also, every single ad on TV is sexist.

I'm getting tired of the afternoon thunderstorms we get around here. Also, I was going to see Pan's Labyrinth again tonight with Mitchell but he opted out so I watched The OC instead. It all seems very anti-climactic for an end to a 4-season show. I liked it better this season without Marissa but I still felt like it was too much about the couples and not enough about the other relationships on the show. I miss the Seth/Ryan time mostly.

[livejournal.com profile] crumpeteer examines Sam in Born Under a Bad Sign. Much more in-depth than my 'HOLY SHIT THAT'S HOT SEX ME NOW' reaction.

Official Fruity Oaty Bar t-shirt!

Nominations for the important awards of the season - The Saturn Awards - are up. Children of Men may not have been nominated for an Oscar but if it doesn't win the Saturn there's something wrong with the world. SNAKES ON A PLANE AND SLITHER! I hope the girl from Pan's wins best young actor. Alfonso vs. Guillermo for Best Director is an interesting one. Alfonso Cuaron is my favourite director but Pan's Labyrinth was done beautifully. Heroes, Lost and Veronica Mars are all up against each other for Best Series - that's a hard one for me, and why no Supernatural?? My FAVOURITE category is Best Supporting Actor, there's only one name on that list I don't know and love (but I'm rooting for Masi.)

Also nominated was Battlestar Galactica, and I have a link to pictures from that signing event I told all you Californians to go to but I guess you didn't hear me or something. I want Tahmoh Penikett so badly, holy crap. He's just. I can't even. And I don't LIKE V-neck tops on men.

[livejournal.com profile] ack_attack made Jears icons!

These Heroes icons are hilarious.

Heroes cast spam (mostly Hayden, some stalkerazzi) at [livejournal.com profile] sinful_caesar.

Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks. Then everyone has to post one weird thing about me in the comments. Okay, I made the last bit up. Humour me.

10 weird things about me )

Daily Dom Dose, plus a picture of Ian McKellen I really like )

149 days - too precious for this world
Green Queen
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( Feb. 13th, 2007 01:58 am)
Battlestar Galactica signing in San Francisco on Saturday 17 February. INCLUDING TAHMOH PENIKETT! You know the drill, if you heard it here first please say hi for me.

[livejournal.com profile] dryope made more Tricia Helfer spam. I named my new phone after her! Well, I named it Six, but still.

Michael Muhney hung out with Adam Baldwin last night and Santa Monica exploded from the awesome. Well, no, it didn't, but it should've. But I did make my first ever legal post to Whedonesque about it!

Supernatural boys in Weekly World News. As horrendously corny as it is, Jared's little smile in the first picture kills me.

Deadly adorable Heath Ledger/Jake Gyllenhaal squishies.

See my GIP? [livejournal.com profile] teh_indy made a whole HEAP of icons from a whole heap of fandoms. I needed this one as soon as I saw it.
I don't get the swirly trend in icons at the moment. They look like the icon is being flushed down a toilet. WTF.

For me - Born Under a Bad Sign icons.

Also for me, and any other lovers of slash and crossovers and Dean and Mal: Wild and Unwise - Dean/Mal. Yummy.

One of those idiotic 'which character are you?' memes )

Daily Dom Dose )

157 days - even educated fleas do it
Green Queen
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( Sep. 7th, 2006 01:30 am)
Bond goes gay!

Brokeback Mountain kerrspam.

Grey's Anatomy DVD launch. JDM! He's so adorable.

Cast of Battlestar Galactica in Maxim, aka *drowns in puddle of own drool*

JOIN [livejournal.com profile] henryiancusick.

The incomparable [livejournal.com profile] ack_attack has posted this week's Lost Discussion. Go! Participate! I am working on an accompanying picspam.

I can't believe I forgot to mention Jim's sort-of offer to make out with Chris Murphy on Idol on Monday! I nearly died. Was Jim high? He was completely out of it on Monday, it was so great.

Daily Dom Dose )

I don't think Australia's quite ready for that yet
Green Queen
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( Jul. 6th, 2006 10:46 pm)
I've had a total rollercoaster of a day.

It started off terribly, I was woken up at about 7 with a splitting headache that pretty much never went away. I went to see Pirates 2, which I enjoyed a huge amount, but I also had two huge screaming matches with my sister and my migraine was bad enough I couldn't see for about 5 minutes at one point and I had to call in sick to work. I almost fell asleep during The Two Towers, which is pretty much an inexcusable travesty for me. Now I'm pretty much wrecked.

Dead. Jensen and Jared and gay and masturbation and nudity and...just...dead.

Snakes on a Plane song on MySpace, link from [livejournal.com profile] jenish, as is the one above. I might upload the song later, but now I'm too tired.

ETA: All Your Snakes are Belong To Us.

New Ari Gold fic! [livejournal.com profile] hackthis wrote NEW ARI BITCH. If you like RPS, or Superman, or fanfiction at all, go read it now.

Lloyd is Ari's assistant for a reason. He doesn't even hesitate when he says, "Brandon Routh. Born in 1979. Iowa. Ex-Model who was on One Life to Live for a bit. Most recently represented by IMTA."

Ari's eyebrow rises of its own accord. "IMTA? What the fuck is that? I Might Take it in the Ass?"

Damn, I wanna see Entourage.

Emmy nominations. WTF NO LOST. Seriously. What the fucking fuck.

Jake and Heath join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, along with Keira and Dakota Fanning. Clearly a weak attempt to correct their big Best Picture mistake, as is usual with the Academy, but this can't be bad - at least there'll be some new, non-homophobic blood in one of the most conservative institutions left in Hollywood.

So yeah, this morning I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - spoiler free!! )

8 out of 10.

Tonight I saw Eurotrip )

Scotty Doesn't Know: 10/10
Everything else: 4/10

Daily Dom Dose )

Green Queen
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( May. 22nd, 2006 01:10 pm)
Brokeback Mountain on Oprah on my TV!!! Jake!!!


*runs away gleefully*

ETA: Definitely related: gay Mountie marriage! AWWW.

ETA2: Totally unrelated, but Supernatural set to Benny Hill music. LMAOOO.

Green Queen
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( May. 19th, 2006 12:12 am)
Top 10 Old West Phrases That Will Never Sound the Same After BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN )

You know what? Just to go against the grain...I LOVE the jokes that have come out of Brokeback Mountain. The parodies, the just-this-side-of-politically-correct jabs. I think they're fantastic. I think Brokeback has opened up a whole new discourse on cowboys and gay movies and I love it. Some of them don't quite work, but the fact that it's made people more comfortable about talking about gay people at all is a step in the right direction, I think.

Feel free to disagree.

I will get the new Lost ep and watch it if not by the end of the night then by tomorrow morning.

Will DEFINITELY have a music spam AND a Winchester spam for you tomorrow (so quit whining, [livejournal.com profile] senor_coconut_1.)

Daily Dom Dose )
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( Apr. 25th, 2006 03:38 am)
Please go vote in the MTV Movie Awards.

Please, PLEASE vote for Jake & Heath for Best Kiss. Jake for Best Performance would be sweet, too, but Best Kiss is the really important one.

As for everything else, that's entirely up to you :)

By the way, Sexiest Performance category? You LOSE for only having fucking Rob Schneider for the girls to vote for. WTF?

Green Queen
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( Apr. 17th, 2006 09:41 pm)
I am working with Luke for seven hours tomorrow.

ETA: I'm considering becoming a Pastafarian. I really like pirate regalia.

ETA2: Reasons why Jack Bauer is badass.

In gay cowboy news, some people take things way too seriously. I love the MTV movie awards, and not all the nominees are crap. Besides, has everyone forgotten that movies are supposed to be entertaining? *grumbles* kids these days, no sense of fun.

Jensen Ackles jumping into Paddywhack's arms and screaming bloody murder. It's about halfway in but it's fantastic. ♥ them. Check out what Jen's scared of. He's an interesting creature, that one.

Dude, it was Pretty Sean Maher's birthday on the 16th. Happy belated! Now there's a day worth celebrating. You can enjoy it with Ticket to Anywhere, a Supernatural/Firefly crossover. Sam/Simon. Could only be hotter if it were Dean/Simon. Maybe with some Captain Mal.

The birthday boy )

Daily Dom Dose )

Killing Green Queen doesn't make her dead, it just makes her angry
Green Queen
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( Mar. 9th, 2006 12:56 am)
I think if there's one way of reaching out to the people here tonight about the difficulties of being a pimp, it's through the medium of interpretive dance. - Jon Stewart

OSCAR PICSPAM! Jake, Heath, Joaquin, George, Jon, Ang, two Maggies, Joey, Lance, basically any pics I stole from txvoodoo, dryope, lillithlotr and various communities that I like )

Green Queen
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( Feb. 27th, 2006 12:28 pm)
Three more Lost 'One of Them' icons behind the cut, as Team Sexy seemed to be a popular concept.

Team Sexy )

Based on the 1. Steal Underpants 2. Profit! model.

ETA: I wrote a poem using online magnetic poetry.
ETA2: and a story. What? I'm not addicted.
ETA3: Brokeback in the red states.

Green Queen
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( Feb. 24th, 2006 01:12 am)
Okay, let's face it, I'm not much good at not posting.

Lego Brokeback Mountain.

Special song for [livejournal.com profile] kaidysoft: Outside (live) by Staind ft. Fred Durst (but don't hold that against the song - it's a MUCH better version than the recorded one, and Durst is barely in it.)

TWoP does Serenity. Simon 'freakishly beautiful'? Oh, hell yes, and you know it. He's just the most beautiful man on the planet. And the way he ennunciates makes me horny. Oh, and the reviewer loves Zoe best, further proving that she KICKS ASS.
ETA: (David Krumholtz from Numbthreers and everything that is good: Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared and the whole thing) - So, who else says "Numbthreers" in their heads when they read "Numb3rs"?
Now, I don't necessarily agree with everything in this very in-depth analysis, but it's an interesting one and well worth reading.

[livejournal.com profile] chaodai (Javi of whom I am a minion) is leaving the Lost writing team. I am sad but look forward to seeing his show.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] beizy!

I am still withholding spam til you spam me.

Green Queen
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( Feb. 22nd, 2006 10:32 pm)
Veronica Mars 2.12 'Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle' )

...and now I'm caught up to the States with 2.13 'Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough' )

BAFTA vids:

There's a ton of links back here - mostly Brokeback stuff and pretty almost-underage boys but a bit of giant monkey too )

Jensen Ackles/Christian Kane by the incomparable [livejournal.com profile] ethrosdemon.

Vote for your 5 favourite icon makers.

An essay about Harry/Hermione shippers, an insight into their world.

Jake Gyllenhaal is the godfather of Matilda Ledger Williams or whatever her last name is. OMG so precious. And now it's only 2:33 am and I'm going to bed!

It is not easy being a fan (but it does have its perks)
Green Queen
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( Feb. 21st, 2006 02:19 am)
Jake (and a couple of jailbait extras) at the BAFTAs )

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lilithlotr and [livejournal.com profile] bradys_rulz.

Daily Dom Dose )

Green Queen
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( Feb. 14th, 2006 10:49 pm)
I have decided to make a very special post with [livejournal.com profile] shoebox_project valentines dedicated to my favourite three sexy celebrities: Dominic Monaghan, Maggie Grace and Jake Gyllenhaal. No, I didn't write the valentines. I have also included some of my favourite romantic pictures. Enjoy. And seriously, would you ever access my journal from work anyway? Not work safe.

Happy Valentine's Day! )

Are you feeling it?

Saw Brokeback Mountain again today too )

I'm bored and feeling random. I need to find something entertaining to do. Any suggestions? Cuz otherwise I'll have to resort to random picture spamming.

ETA: oh yeah & by the way...
If there is someone on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

Green Queen
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( Feb. 13th, 2006 03:09 am)
DUDE OMG I KICKED [livejournal.com profile] tmq's ASS ALL OVER THE PLACE.

I am so pleased with myself. I love movie quizzes like that but I usually suck at them, so yay!

I had a good weekend.

Have icons. Comment, credit, enjoy. 3 Firefly, 2 Supernatural, 2 Brokeback boys, 6 Lost cast, 2 Lost for [livejournal.com profile] makingthecut and 7 'The Long Con' icons. SPOILER WARNING for Lost given, so you can check out the other icons without fear.

21 icons plus alternates and bases = 45 total )

ETA: *facepalm* text on 17 from [livejournal.com profile] corellianjedi.

Green Queen
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( Feb. 1st, 2006 07:20 pm)
Top Gun 2: Brokeback Squadron. BAHAHA.

How the Academy decides what constitutes Best Actor vs. Best Supporting Actor.

Dom on Leno icons will be uploaded tonight, I reckon.

Green Queen
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( Jan. 30th, 2006 12:28 am)
BROKEBACK ON OPRAH omg. She is so full of shit and I love it anyway. JACK NASTY LOVES YOU!

The Gay Agenda, and the review that spawned it.

Once a frying pan, now a doorknob
Green Queen
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( Jan. 27th, 2006 02:31 am)
Brokeback Mountain in the tradition of the great dramas )

How depressing. I know, I know, you're sick of Brokeback. I'll download Lost tomorrow and get back on track.

No, really.

ETA: Augh! I've seen someone in this EXACT tshirt recently and I'm sure I saved the pic but I can't for the life of me remember who!
Mikey Way in a Rolling Stones shirt )

Green Queen


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