No, I'm not procrastinating. I don't need to vacuum. Why do you ask?


His face at 0:37 when he figures it out. Bless. I've heard at least a couple of people singing this version at every concert since, and sometimes I sing it that way now, even to versions that aren't this one. That girl who thought of this created a monster.

Had to watch this twice - once for Darren, once for Joey. Joey's FACE. Also Joey's face in other videos )

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( Feb. 1st, 2011 10:44 pm)
Darren Criss site on Fantourage. I wouldn't bother, except that it looks like the Street Team might start using it/posting there and they do contests, so it's worth Darren fans at least joining up. (Also, it's totally worth joining the Street Team to see this Stutter video Ricky Rollins posted there.) (Ricky is Darren's manager.)

Darren interview! Lots of talk about Starship, so that's awesome.

James Franco launches college course on James Franco. LOL ILU Franco.

Beautiful Bible quotes that are hilarious and, apparently, real.

Saoirse Ronan has signed on to The Hobbit! But PJ is in hospital for surgery :( :( I'm pulling for him.

Today I saw two movies: Yogi Bear )

1 out of 5

Despicable Me )

3.5 out of 5

Videos )

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( Aug. 10th, 2010 08:29 pm)
'Out of Gas' picspam.

The lost 'Firefly' episode. Actually, more like the movie - most of the episodes don't follow this format.

O captain, my captain.

New Tonks & Lupin picture from Deathly Hallows. ;(

'Unstoppable' trailer, in which Chris Pine is shirtless and married to Hannah from 'Veronica Mars', who looks waaaaay too young to have a kid that age. Looks predictable, but hey, Chris Pine. And, to a lesser extent, Rosario Dawson and Denzel Washington. I'll watch it.

Movie review catch-up:

17 July 2010

The Invention of Lying )

2 out of 5

18 July 2010

Collateral )

3.5 out of 5

28 July 2010

Adventures in Babysitting )

3 out of 5

I watched Newsies tonight, but I'll review it hopefully tomorrow so my posts aren't too badly out of order.

Cut for adorable Glee and Supernatural casts )

Cheese it, it's the bulls!
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( May. 16th, 2010 12:32 am)
I was going to watch a movie I hadn't seen before tonight, but just as I was looking for a DVD 'Hairspray' came on the TV, and I considered it a sign. I love that movie so much. James Marsden kills in it.

NBC picks up 'Friends With Benefits', drops Fran Kranz. Clearly they want the show to fail. Have they NOT SEEN 'Dollhouse'? Fran is incredible.

'Heroes' is FINALLY GETTING CANCELLED. I hope that Grunberg, Zach, The Choverlord, Chris Lowell and Dom all do an awesome show together. Maybe with Mark Sheppard. And Fran Kranz and Enver Gjokaj.

Chris Hemsworth talks about "Thor" and Joss. When Joss directs 'Avengers' they will have worked together twice. Also, Nathan to play Hank Pym? I don't know who that is, but OMG NATHAN + CHRIS EVANS + JOSS WHEDON?! Are there any girl Avengers?

Joss + NPH + Glee, more. I want to hug NPH in this picture.

Adorable Glee cast video of ridiculous adorableness.

Tom Felton talks aging for the Epilogue. I can't wait to see the Epilogue. I have embraced it in all its cheesy glory.

I want that chubby Communist girl off my show
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( May. 13th, 2010 10:13 pm)
Who's up for a links post? I am waaaaay behind on fandom, fyi. I didn't even know there was a new Leverage promo. SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW SEASON.

[ profile] nowgold did a Karl Urban picspam.

Trailer for JJ's new movie 'Super 8'. Response:

The Next Ten TV Actors Who Should Become Movie Stars. Jensen is on there. I think they underestimate him. Nathan is on there. I think if he doesn't explode in the next few years it will be a crime. HOW IS HE NOT HUGE YET?!

Lovely icons, awesome icons, ICONS INCLUDING 'KISS KISS BANG BANG', cool icons, fabulous icons.

Now it's a sing-along song! Also cat! And a crazy live version.

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( Feb. 18th, 2010 09:48 pm)
Lost thoughts )

I found these photos from Jed & Maurissa's wedding. OMG THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS.

Trippy tweets: Wait, so Maurissa Tancharoen's brother-in-law on the other side from the Whedons is...Glee's Harry Shum?! Wut? N/M I GET IT NOW. Also, Wil Wheaton replies to Nathan Fillion's awesome tweet about how 'Star Trek' is a perfect movie. OMG NATHAN AND CHRIS IN A MOVIE PLEASE. That one's less trippy because Wil is a geek, and would obvs. follow Captain Tightpants.

New Benry Knows Best.

Awesome Lego model of Serenity.

Americans can watch Fran Kranz and Zachary Levi in a movie called 'Shades of Ray' on Hulu.

Victor is finally beating Joseph Fiennes, woo!

Picspams, but not up-to-date:
Best Castiel moments
Most awesome LotR scenes

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( Jan. 13th, 2010 12:18 am)
Go join [ profile] lotr_lims. It's pretty great, very consistent, one of the best LIMS challenges I've done - and I've done a lot.

Real life:
  • Interviewed for the director position I want today. I will be so bummed if I don't get it, seriously. I don't think the interview went as well as it could have, I was tired and not feeling well.

  • Puck isn't letting me get much sleep, but he's so damned cute. He does this little butt wiggle before he pounces on things, and it's adorable. Also, he's quite cuddly. He keeps scratching me, though, mostly by accident - trying to get up on my lap and things like that. I'm covered in scratches.

  • It's really fucking hot.

  • Glee:
  • Go join [ profile] gleeverse, it's fun. It's one of those game communities where you're on a team and you do challenges. I'm on Team New Directions, because clearly the Glee kids are the best.

  • Woo! 'Glee' officially renewed for a second season! I'm sick of seeing "I love Glee, even though it's flawed" everywhere. Quit qualifying your love. 'Chuck' is flawed. Hell, even 'Dollhouse' is flawed. I think there's only three genuinely flawless seasons of television I've ever seen.

  • Casting spoilers. Seems everyone ever in a musical is getting in on the show.

  • New HQ pomro pics.

  • 'Chuck' season 3 premiered strong. I've watched the first, I'll watch the second tonight. It's such a fun show.

  • As linked by Maurissa and others: Commentary!: The Musical’: The Commentary. It's available on iTunes, btw.

  • The Dr. Horrible gang at PaleyFest, talking about making Commentary!
  • Scott Allie explains the accidental reveal of Twilight from Buffy Season 8 (MASSIVE SPOILERS). I'm actually really relieved, because for a while there it looked like it might have been someone that would've made me much more upset.

  • Bradley Whitford talks 'Cabin in the Woods'.

  • The Truth About Dollhouse's Evil Mastermind: his name is Tim Minear. Kidding. Kinda.

  • Seven Stories Concerning Joss Whedon - or - The Road to Damascus.

  • 'Firefly' to live on in new book of short stories.

  • James Gunn's new movie 'Super' will star Nathan Fillion, Linda Cardellini, Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon and others and looks...well, weird. I mean, it's James Gunn.

    Stacks of new promo photos from 'Star Trek' that are AWESOME. They're the base images for the amazing posters!

    [ profile] gqmf_awards is an off-shoot of [ profile] ontd_startrek and it's kinda awesome.

    Spider-Man 4 Scrapped; Sam Raimi & Tobey Maguire & Cast Out; Franchise Reboot for 2012. Um. WHAT?

    Very entertaining trailer for 'The A-Team'. If you have a problem and no-one else can help you...get Bradley Cooper shirtless. Hey, it won't solve your problem, but you'll probably forget about it for a few minutes anyway.

  • Lovely multi-fandom

  • More lovely multi-fandom

  • Dollhouse

  • RDJ & his movies

  • Daily Dom Dose )

    Equality is like gravity
    Green Queen
    BEST FANMIX EVER: IN CASE OF PON FARR: HIT IT. BAHAHA. I am still in awe of the fact that Pon Farr is a real, canon thing.

    Where Trekkies were born. Almost makes me wish I could go back.

    Chris Pine will play Jack Ryan. I'll watch it, but I don't care all that much. I am impressed that he is now playing the same roles as both William Shatner AND Harrison Ford, though.

    Nathan Fillion interview.

    Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog picspam of awesome.

    Fairy tale 'Dollhouse' promo on WhyIWatch.

    Fran Kranz interview. Adorable.

    Is real science catching up to Topher? New Scientist reports that a Laser has been used to create false memories in fly brains.

    How "Apple" became "Drizzle". DRIZZLE!

    Tricia Helfer will guest on 'Two and a Half Men'. Ugh.

    Empire's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars. Chrises Pine and Evans need to be MUCH higher. The Twilight cast needs to be banned from all lists from now on (and I LIKE RPattz.) The fact that Jensen even rates when he's not remotely a movie star is awesome (he SHOULD be a movie star, he's one of the most talented actors currently working on TV.) Gael & Jake & Paul Newman ♥ James Dean needs to break top 10, man. HOW can Megan Fox beat out Angelina Jolie? How is Emma Watson #3? HOW IS HARRISON FORD ONLY #33?? Go Zoe Saldana, though. MARILYN MONROE AT 15? Travesty. Not even the top 10.
    ...actually, a lot of TV stars in there - Kristen and Eliza (♥), too.

    Rise of the Zombies T-Shirt. LMAO.

    National Organisation for Marriage's campaign against same-sex marriage (NOM? Really? Cuz that just makes me want food) and the hilarious and accurate Funny Or Die response starring pretty much everyone we like or care about.

    [ profile] ack_attack made Lost & True Blood icons at [ profile] iconseeyou. Also: multi-fandom with GLEE, [ profile] mata090680's AWESOME LotR, mostly Supernatural, fucking GORGEOUS Supernatural & Flash Forward & Warehouse 13, multi-fandom, Supernatural

    DDD + MORE GLEE!!! )

    Jesus boink!
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    ( Oct. 13th, 2009 01:26 am)
    I did a really huge Lord of the Rings anniversary cast picspam over at [ profile] thegreenscene. I noticed some repeats, but it's almost all stuff that was already in my Photobucket, which has all these folders and I never know what's where.

    Here's a post about the anniversary.

    The Strange, Twisted, And Destructive Love Stories of Joss Whedon. I love that io9 has a tag simply titled "RANT".
    ...the relationship between Malcolm Reynolds and Inara Serra is probably the most normal of Whedon's leading romantic stories

    Hmm. Really? I mean, Simon/Kaylee and Wash/Zoe are pretty normal.

    Nathan Fillion interview.

    Promo for the next ep of Supernatural. BAHAHA. Jensen can do comedy so well. He can do anything. He should also be an internationally famous superstar, like Enver Gjokaj.

    Old Cory Monteith interview where I just want to pinch his adorable little cheeks and then remind myself that he's actually older than me. How can he be that adorable and older than me?

    I know this'll be exciting for all you lucky people who have already seen the first one: 'Zombieland' sequel a real possibility.

    Disney princesses made COOL.

    Icons: Fringe & Glee, Supernatural, Glee, multi-fandom, multi-awesome-fandom

    Sociopath in a sweater vest
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    ( Oct. 10th, 2009 12:04 am)
    Musical number from an upcoming episode of 'Glee'. Spoilers )

    And another one, see my last sentence above. These hip-hop songs don't suit Lea as much imho.

    Another Jane Lynch interview.

    Why 'Dollhouse' should be saved and what's coming next for the show.

    Dollhouse: Can Actives really earn their freedom? I don't think that writer understands Adelle's perspecive on this. Rossum's, maybe, but not Adelle's.

    Five TV Shows We'd Love to See on the Big Screen.

    Eliza interviews: one, two (such a relief after the awful ones from yesterday, and ♥ Jimmy Fallon after seeing 'Whip It'), three.

    New Dom interview, and a bit about him on Flash Forward.

    More Star Trek makeup. I still really like Ayel's look.

    Nathan Fillion geeks out.

    Icons: multi-fandom, Glee & Pushing Daisies, random funnies,

    Supernatural 5.05 'Fallen Idols' as it happens )

    Today I went to see Whip It )

    4 out of 5

    Pics )

    I can grow the balls
    Green Queen
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    ( Sep. 30th, 2009 12:13 am)
    If you're in LA go see Dr. Horrible on the big screen with Joss and Felicia.

    Dichen talks Dollhouse.

    Highlights from Eliza conference call.

    Eliza, Enver, Dichen and Tahmoh interview each other. I can't watch it :(

    Clips from upcoming Glee episode are on Facebook. Is it Thursday yet?!? I had a chat with one of my sister's friends at the cinema where she works today about how we just hold out for Thursday every week. Puck ♥

    Sue's tracksuits picspam!

    Adorable Glee cast pics from when they were here, including this absolute GEM )

    WHAT IS THIS CASTLE NEWS? I don't watch the show but I'll download that episode!!!!

    Muhney and his mother discussed ents on Facebook

    New 'Where the Wild Things Are' promo pics OMG WANT TO SEE.

    Today I went to the movies with Rachael and Mitchell and we saw Fame )

    2 out of 5

    Dom )

    Today you're my little bitch
    Green Queen
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    ( Sep. 23rd, 2009 11:39 pm)
    Glee got picked up for the full season, shocker. But yay!

    Clips from tomorrow's Glee, cast interviews, Acafellas picspam, videos from Sydney.

    This is why Dean Winchester is hot.

    New Chris Lowell stuff up at CLO.

    Dom interview on the Flash Forward set, interview with Sonya Walger in which she mentions Dom, Dom talking Comic-Con.

    Lots of Ausiello interviews on the Emmys red carpet.

    Emmys top moments - both flatters and insults NPH, and mentions Dr. Horrible (which was apparently cut for the Aussie broadcast.) Meanwhile, ILU NPH.

    Nathan Fillion Q&A, a bit from a guy with a man crush

    Joss interview about season 2 of Dollhouse, another one

    Bitchy discussion of Joss's appeal that is...actually kinda hilarious in its witless bitterness. Whedonesque commentary on same.

    News bit about a "real" Dollhouse which is actually more like Frescorts from 'Pushing Daisies'.

    Promo pics for Supernatural 5.04. SPOILERS. Also Dollhouse 2.02 promo pics.

    [ profile] dekolette made nice Supernatural icons and my most favourite icon-maker made icons! More icons: multi-fandom, [ profile] corellianjedi's multi-fandom including Middleman and Dr. Horrible at the Emmys, awesome Glee, multi-fandom, Glee quotes, multi-fandom, mostly Supernatural and related.

    On Tuesday night I went to [ profile] baldie_troll's place and he has GOT to see 'Some Like it Hot' and 'The Goonies'. We watched The Nanny Diaries )

    2 out of 5

    Domness )

    Who is Josh Groban? Kill yourself!
    Green Queen
    Does anyone know where I can find really good Epitaph One icons?

    [ profile] baldie_troll has been whining at me about how he doesn't have enough icon space to upload all the icons he wants to use. I am so proud of my enabling skills right now.

    Happy 18th, Evanna Lynch! Go get wasted!

    File this under hilaaarious: Big Bang Theory season 2 blooper reel. N'aww, they're so PRECIOUS.

    RDJ in talks to play Lestat. What?

    "(Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar" MP3 Available on iTunes. (Felicia Day, Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen). Speaking of Felicia, photos.

    Kristin interview Nathan Fillion.

    I love you, Misha Collins.

    Glee: Gold Digger (Cory Monteith is just so adorable and Matthew is KICKASS), Push It (NEARLY DIEAD LAUGHING), promo. CAN I HAVE EPISODE TWO YET??? AUGH.

    Icons: Gorgeous multi-fandom, more multi-fandom, great-but-messy multi-fandom, good multi-fandom.

    Dom )

    And that's why I blinged them well up, isn't it?
    Green Queen
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    ( Jun. 5th, 2009 01:19 pm)
    Okay, need to get on top of this because the tabs are building up to dangerous proportions (seriously, I have 72 tabs open. I cannae hold her, Cap'n! She's gonna blow!)

    David Carradine dies :(

    Star Trek:
    Brent Spiner: GQMF, according to HIS OWN TWITTER.
    Star Trekkin' by The Firm.
    JJ Abrams picspam fuck yeah.
    Star Trek Rhapsody. I'm a doctor, not a milkman!
    TOS motivational posters.
    Chris Pine & Denzel to star in Tony Scott film. I TOLD YOU HE WAS THE NEXT BIG THING.
    [ profile] togoholic has been doing this fabulous Chris Pine retrospective with videos and pictures and gifs called From Zero to Hero and I love it like burning.
    Also, all of Blind Dating is on YouTube and I plan to watch it tonight.
    LOL. Doing Chris Pine?

    Casting ideas for that travesty, the Joss-less Buffy movie. Amanda Seyfried and Mary Elizabeth Winstead are nifty, and if this were a movie in the Slayerverse with Joss as, at the very least, a consultant, that could be cool. But as this is blatantly mercenary rubbish that the Kuzuis want to make just to rip Joss

    [ profile] film_flammers Singin' in the Rain review. WIIIIN.

    Cute Alan interview (he likes Star Trek! Bless), Nathan interview with bad questions and good answers.

    Apparently the Penny comic is up, although I can't see it.

    Guillermo Del Toro ‘Very Close’ To Annoucing Bilbo Baggins Casting For ‘The Hobbit’, gets off on TAUNTING FANS.

    Blog from Terminator: TSCC's showrunner that is funny and sad.

    I really want to see District 9. Also, THE MADNESS: Heathers 2. Whaaaaat?

    First Look at the Characters in DreamWorks’ ‘Oobermind’ in which the villain is the protagonist, which made me think 'Dr. Horrible for kids!' of course.

    Never-before-seen Ghostbusters behind-the-scenes stuff.

    Lego movie posters!

    Birdhouse in Your Soul literal video.

    Icons: Party Down!, made-of-win Supernatural & Star Trek actors.

    Okay, things are more manageable now. This is just stuff I found THIS MORNING. WHAT? Time for lunch.

    There's Klingons on the starboard bow
    Green Queen
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    ( May. 25th, 2009 10:02 pm)
    I saw 'Star Trek' today in premium at Dendy. It's my third viewing. I'm pretty sure it just keeps getting better, although next time I'm thinking of doing a drinking game. Drink every time Chekov says a word with a V in it, every time Spock says 'illogical' or 'fascinating', every time Kirk gets beaten up/choked/dangled off a ledge. Take a drink every time they say something suggestive (I'd love to do it with you again...) Of course you'd be totally pissed half an hour in.
    Oh, is that Joe Quinto as a Romulan when Kirk & Spock are beamed onto Narada?

    Picspam of Enver Gjokaj in 'The Express'. Most noteworthy because, judging by those images, I doubt he has more than three lines in this whole film.

    The Shat gets his own chat show. BRB, LOLing to death.

    Some videos:
    OMG BEST EVER: The Carol Burnett Show 'Star Trek' TOS genderswap parody. Brilliant beyond all reason.
    Chris Pine, some other guy & Keamy as The Tremor Brothers. There's almost as much footage of Chris there as there is in the whole movie.
    Star Trek in 47 seconds. LMAO. Hanging off of stuff!
    ZQ & Chris Pine: Bromancing, singing theme tunes.
    Got My Mind Set On You starring a baby-faced Alexis Denisof.
    Usually I don't like fan-made trailers, but this Green Lantern one starring Nathan Fillion is pretty damn good. I feel weird that I know most of the footage in it.
    Ethan's Equality Rally. That's a third-grader leading an equal marriage rights rally. Wow.

    Icons: lovely Lost & Boooones.

    You've had Dom today, let's go with some Pine goodness tonight. )

    Thrusters on full
    Green Queen
    I have a boring little DreamWidth. Thanks [ profile] _allshallfade for the invite. I guess I'll fix it up later. Can everybody currently on my flist please add me there? It will probably just be a back-up.

    Dom talks about his childhood. It's very cute. I LOVE that t-shirt. Uh, and a stack more.

    Dan Aykroyd wants Eliza for Ghostbusters 3, which makes me happy.

    Felicia interview.
    When do you yell at the TV?
    ...Or, if a girl does something really, really dumb. I remember that I yelled at Heroes a lot.

    Felicia, Nathan and Simon and the cast of the Dr. Horrible high school production they attended. COULD YOU DIE?!

    I think these already happened, but there are HBP sneak peeks up on YouTube. Spoilers )

    'V' trailer and new images. I'm not really feeling it, but Morena looks like she's killing it.

    Anna Friel in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' in London.

    'The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency' homepage, which has author diaries where he talks about real things happening in Botswana. I hope more people get into this show.

    Nominate your favourites for Kristin's Tater Tops. I'm going Adelle DeWitt for Best Bitch, trying to get a few Dollhouse noms in there.

    Icons: Lost, Supernatural, Zach & Chris, funny multi-fandom (I am so tempted by Link Larkin 'Let's get you pregnant!), mostly BSG with some other fun fandoms down the bottom.

    Dom Dose + a few something extras )

    As you were
    Green Queen
    green_queen: (Dollhouse: Or Bust)
    ( May. 14th, 2009 08:23 pm)
    And happy birthday RPattz.

    Does anyone else think Chris Pine looks like he could be related to Muhney?

    Right, let's get this done.

    Middleman comic sneak-peek.

    Dollhouse poll - HELL YEAH ENVER GJOKAJ.
    Liz & Sarah interview. I can never remember which last name belongs to which lovely lady.
    Why "Dollhouse" Struggles and "Fringe" Soars. Makes me love Dollhouse that much more.
    Hey, Fox. Save Dollhouse.
    We are told not to lost hope for renewal.

    ABC is remaking V with Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin, along with Elizabeth Mitchell and Scott Wolf.

    Nathan Fillion answers your questions.

    Photos from the Japanese premiere of Star Trek, GUH-worthy CHRIS PINE! picspam, [ profile] affectingly's Bones picspam (not to be confused with Booooooooones), trailer picspam.

    Icons: Jossverse (mostly quotes), Star Trek, Star Trek (what fixation?)

    Photobucket is still not working, so no DDD today.

    Green Queen
    Hey [ profile] corellianjedi (or, erm, anyone) do you have the Star Trek soundtrack? And does anyone have a Les Mis recording? ([ profile] overthemoo maybe?)

    [ profile] ack_attack posted her Follow the Leader recap and a new Benry Knows Best.

    Dom on Bonnie Hunt video. There's also a Ryan Reynolds interview there, for anoyone wondering.

    The hot lists from AfterEllen and AfterElton are live. They're always reliable. NPH wins!

    Middleman in colour!

    Dollhouse Watch: Pleased to Meet Me. And again, I feel like that's a misread of Topher. And of evil. And just...I don't know, I have to formulate my opinions properly for a super-blog about this one day, because I really do feel like a lot of the moral greys of this show get lost by intelligent people trying to write about morally grey areas on the show.

    Nathan Fillion talks Castle, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible. THE SEQUEL HAS A NAME.

    Billy and Dom's Guide to HTML - a cute picspam for those who miss the old LotR boy spams.

    IO don't think I linked these, but there are some nifty Star Trek icons here, here and here (along with other fandoms like Lost and Chuck). Also, it's an old post but there's loads of lovely icons in a billion fandoms here. For Star Trek fans and icon makers, Star Trek trailer caps are available to make icons (hint hint). I'm too busy to make any right now.

    Dom Dose )

    I became a feminist as an alternative to becoming a masochist
    Green Queen
    green_queen: (SereniFly: Yessir Cap'n Tightpants)
    ( Apr. 26th, 2009 01:13 am)
    ETA: Middleman DVD set info including the special features that it will have. WANT.

    Dom interview: My Life in Travel. Nice how they left Billy out in the tag under the picture.

    Guillermo Del Toro To Save Vampires In New Book Series. As in, save their reputation from sparkling and writing emo poetry.

    Get tickets to see Nathan Fillion on The Late Late Show on May 6; Mal features in origin movies they'd like to see (uh, we know how he got his crew together) and favourite sci-fi characters. I have two people on my flist named for Ender Wiggin.

    E! interviews Dollhouse boys:
    Enver and Fran. Also, you can submit questions for Miracle Laurie and go to the first-ever Dollhouse convention (only if you're in the UK).

    WATCH DOLLHOUSE WEEK. It's the cool new thing, everybody's doing it!

    Today I saw Chaplin )

    3.5 out of 5

    Dom Dose )

    Not yes!
    Green Queen


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