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( Oct. 9th, 2009 01:07 am)
MEET SETH GREEN IN SYDNEY on Tuesday the 20th of October at 1pm. And say hi for me, cuz I can't go *sobs* I swear, I am never going to get to meet the guy.

Glee link dump:
  • Just One of the Guys - a Chris Colfer interview with Advocate I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

  • Spoilery Mark Salling interview GUH I WANT HIM SO BAD. And another one.

  • Harry Shum is full of Glee. I think he's full of cute.

  • "Glee, Volume 1: Road to the Sectionals" DVD Details Announced! I can't believe they're going the mid-season DVD release route. Do they not make enough money already? Ugh. It makes everything so messy.

  • Cute article on Emma's (Jayma Mays) clothes.

  • Behind the scenes for Vitamin D.

  • Glee 1.06 'Vitamin D' )

  • Here, have two incredibly awkward Eliza Dushku interviews: Good Day NY and David Letterman.

  • Tahmoh Penikett on stress, technology and being done with 'growing pains'.

  • Apparently, it's in danger of being cancelled. No! Really? Who knew?

  • NO EXCUSES. Also, I'm @green_queen on Twitter and I'm doing a bunch of "why you should #savedollhouse" posts, so add me there for those.

    Ausiello spills - his usual spoiler dump, so spoilers for, y'know...everything, including Dom on Flash Forward yay.

    Speaking of Dom, 'I Sell the Dead' comic to be released.

    Mal's Morals: a Firefly essay.

    Tauntaun sleeping bag. I actually cried laughing when I first saw it. SICK and WRONG and SO FUNNY.

    Welsh yobs clobbered by cross-dressing cage fighters. HELL YES YOU WERE.

    Icons: multi-fandom, Supernatural, LotR, multi-fandom including STAR TREK!, Glee, Supernatural & Twilight ([ profile] zombres, there's one there for you!)

    Tonight I saw Mao's Last Dancer )

    3 out of 5

    Required daily picture intake )

    Shanghai'd by the bi-curious machinations of a cabal of doughy, misshapen teens
    Green Queen
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    ( Sep. 27th, 2009 01:21 am)

    Round Eight @ [ profile] fs_lims! Click Here To Sign Up!

    Stacks of Dollhouse stuff:
  • Tahmoh interview packed with spoilers about working with former castmates. He's so gorgeous. I wish Ballard interested me more.

  • Said costar talks about his stint on Dollhouse.

  • More Dollhouse season 2 info: Eliza, Tahmoh, Enver and Dichen talk.

  • 'Dollhouse' Should Be TV's Next Big Sci-Fi Epic

  • Eliza twitpic from upcoming ep

  • Joss Whedon on 'Dr. Horrible,' 'Dollhouse,' his 'Battlestar' guests & Summer Glau.

  • Alyssa Rosenberg's Joss interview.

  • The ratings odds for Dollhouse.

  • Glee:
  • Cute video of a Glee photoshoot. Some of the photos are up at [ profile] gleeclub but you have to join to see.

  • Glee on The 7 PM Project and extended interview.

  • Very cool sneak peek at episode 5.

  • Stacks of promos for 1x07 up at a Cory Monteith site.

  • This is sort of interesting: The Surprising and Unfair Cinematic Demise of Orlando Bloom. I think it might have something to do with his...acting skills. It's a shame though, because he is so sweet.

    Muhney in Soap Opera Digest.

    Kirk Cameron's Origin of Stupidity. LMAO. I love the comments, particularly this one:
    Hmm, Kirk is looking hotter every time I see him...
    If he wants to convince me with his nonsense, he's going to have to do it shirtless.

    I watched Supernatural 1.03 'Free to Be You and Me' )

    Couple of picspams:
  • Planet Terror

  • Supernatural 5x02: Good God, Y'all

  • Supernatural 5x03: Free to Be You and Me

  • LotR cast

  • BSG 2x15: Scar

  • These Glee icons are awesome. Other fandoms there too. More icons:multi-fandom, multi-fandom, Gaila!, Firefly, multi-fandom, supernatural, Glee, more Glee, still more Glee (and some other fandoms in that one).

    Tonight [ profile] melissajane14 came over and we watched two movies:
    Point Break )

    4 out of 5

    Zack and Miri Make a Porno )

    3.5 out of 5

    DDD, Muhney, Star Trek gif, cuz I haven't posted one in ages, + Glee gif! )

    If you're not in love with Glee already and this doesn't do it for you, I'm afraid there's no hope left for humanity.

    I was in this bureau while you were still popping zits on your funny face and jacking off to the lingerie section of the Sears catalog
    Green Queen
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    ( Mar. 28th, 2009 12:09 am)
    I had a completely lovely day, and I am going to have a fun weekend, even with a million readings to do.

    Six new HBP character posters.

    18 Sci-Fi Twitter Feeds You Should Be Following.

    Jed Whedon won a Streamy for the Doc Horrible music! Yay.

    TV Guide: Joss Whedon rules. Yes, yes he does.

    20 All-Time Coolest Heroes in Pop Culture. Meh.

    This one is much more interesting: The Best And Worst TV Episode Titles, with a link to the worst. I have a soft spot for episode titles.

    Tahmoh, Dichen and Miracle out & about.

    Five reasons to love Eliza Dushku, in case you were upset at my cliffing of her.

    Nine more reasons to love 'Firefly'. As if you don't already. If you don't already...go. Do.

    Middleman picspam: The Clotharian Contamination Protocol. I miss this show like burning.

    INCREDIBLY SEXY HOLY CRAP PICSPAM: 'suits minus the tie (and other features)'.

    Icons: Buffy/Angel, multi-fandom, multi-fandom INCLUDING 'WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE'!

    Daily Dom Dose )

    I'm as serious as a German film festival
    Green Queen
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    ( Mar. 12th, 2009 10:32 pm)
    I have the flu. I was driving to class this morning and had to pull over because I was sick, and I came home. I've now missed 3 classes for that subject, which means I'm in danger of failing. Also, my Nana is sick again. So today officially sucks.

    Also I found the girl who made my Veronica Mars bag but she's no longer making them :( I wanted a Firefly one! I am now torn on whether or not to get the replica. It's awesome, but expensive.

    I watched the pilot of Castle. Thoughts )

    Lex Luthor asks for a bailout, starring Jon Hamm.

    Straight Men Kissing. Chas!

    Slumdog Millionaire picspam.

    That Guy From That Thing. I know most of these people's names.

    What if Woody Allen Had Directed Watchmen?

    Video of Joss and Tahmoh at NYCC.

    Joss interview.

    Mark Sheppard intervew.

    20 favourite Dean Winchester faces picspam.

    Two spoilery interviews with Misha Collins: one, two. How was your first Supernatural convention experience this past weekend?
    Misha Collins: It was good. I don't feel nearly as traumatized as I expected. I feel like a little bit of a whore, so that's a triumph in my book. I got some hand cramps from signing my name for too long, but that's an occupational hazard.

    I am really starting to fall for this man.

    The Veronica Mars movie is inching along.

    5 reasons why the lost season 4&5 cast...are awesome. I don't like the title because they are not > everyone else, ever, as evidenced by the fact that Dom was no longer on the show by the time most of these people started.

    Good icon texture guide.

    Very nice Supernatural & BtVS icons, Supernatural & Dr. Who icons. [ profile] mata090680 made Star Trek icons and I'm trying to decide whether or not I want one - I kinda love the Kirk/Spock ones. Didn't hesitate with [ profile] ack_attack's awesome Benry Knows Best icons.

    Daily Dom Dose )

    Green Queen
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    ( Mar. 3rd, 2009 11:50 pm)
    Dear world,

    Love her or hate her, Stephenie Meyer is NOT the new JK Rowling.

    Green Queen

    Train Horns

    Created by Train Horns

    The two covers of 'You Oughta Know' I mentioned ysterday:
    Jonathan Coulton
    The Killing Moon

    Pink dolphin!

    Dustin Lance Black on Oprah. Oh, my heart.

    Dollhouse: New promo images for the Joss episode 'Man on the Street' (#6, for those playing at home) and apparently the DVR numbers are excellent.

    Lynda Carter thinks Eliza would be a good Wonder Woman. Bit short, doncha think? Still, nice to know she's a Joss fan.

    Picture of Tricia Helfer on Chuck.

    New HBP pictures from a new trailer. Romilda is gorgeous.

    Icons: Supernatural, BSG, Dollhouse, multi-fandom, Dollhouse.

    Daily Dom Dose & a couple of other pics - Tahmoh from an upcoming Dollhouse, not spoilery )

    Hope I didn't dent your 'do
    Green Queen
    I saw Dollhouse!!!! )

    I prepared myself for Dollhouse today by watching the Angel episodes '5 by 5' and 'Sanctuary'. SO GOOD. So for about half the time Dollhouse was actually airing in the States I did that, and about half the time I spent cleaning out our food cupboard of ants with my sister. They were all through the cupboard, it was horrible.

    Very cute Tahmoh picspam.

    Very pretty Maggie icons; clever & funny Lost icons; cute Supernatural icons; Supernatural & Bones icons.

    Last night, while babysitting, I watched In the Heat of the Night )

    3.5 out of 5

    Then I went to the movies for free today and saw Deep )

    2 out of 5

    Okay, no time for anything else. It's very late and I need to get to bed.

    Green Queen
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    ( Feb. 13th, 2009 01:15 pm)
    Uh. This is last night's entry that I forgot to post. Have it now instead. Whoops.

    My cousin just sent me a Facebook invitation to go to Morocco in June. LOL. Also, WHO STOLE MY SUMMER???? It's WINTER conditions here right now. Not fair! As if Canberra isn't cold enough the rest of the year.

    Plastic!Winchester Theatre 4.07.

    Emma Watson, Rupert Grint Talk Snogging for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Rupert Grint Talks Deathly Hallows, First Footage from Cherrybomb Now Online.

    Summer Glau to guest on Big Bang Theory. As herself.

    Stars of the Whedonverse - a retreospective leading up to Dollhouse, except they put up a photo of Kelly instead of Nick.

    Alan AND Felicia will be on Dollhouse!!
    Joss Whedon Moves Sex Into 'Dollhouse' - YouTube clip.
    Joss Whedon just wants to be loved. We love you!
    Joss Whedon Q&A.
    Joss Whedon Plays Dollhouse.
    Joss Whedon & Tahmoh Penikett: Breaking the Dollhouse Part 2.
    Joss & Tahmoh at NYCC: write-up, YouTube video, interviews. Tahmoh is SO SWEET.
    Dollhouse Is Stretching Eliza Dushku's Acting Ability.
    Countdown to Dollhouse: Amy Acker.
    Harry Lennix interview.
    Jonatha Brooke talks theme song. I keep feeling like her name is unfinished.
    Behind-the-scenes photos.
    Dollhouse Week on Zap2it.
    Reviews: Sepinwall (mixed), Televisionary Blog (negative).

    [ profile] ack_attack made Lost & cast icons.

    Tonight I saw Soldier's Girl )

    3.5 out of 5

    Daily Dom Dose )

    Much like the Rhythm Nation but with 20 percent less leather
    Green Queen
    'Could they by the miners?'
    'Sure, they're like, three years old.'
    'Miners, not minors!'
    'You lost me.'

    It's so hot. I think I'm melting. Melting!

    I was watching cable TV at babysitting tonight, and I saw an advertisement for 'True Blood' in which Ryan Kwanten referred to the show as "Buffy for intelligent people", which makes me really, really not want to watch the show or see Ryan Kwanten in anything again, ever. Jackass.

    I also saw an episode of 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' which co-starred Penelope and Liam from Lost and Tyler from The Middleman.

    Everybody who hasn't got Muhney on Twitter needs to do so. Anyone who doesn't have a Twitter needs to get Twitter just to follow Muhney. I don't know how I got through the day before.

    It's kind of mean, considering that I used to be a fan of 'Heroes' and I wildly love pretty much the whole cast, but I think in my heart I am secretly hoping that it gets cancelled in revenge for 'Pushing Daisies' being cancelled. Which doesn't even make sense.

    Now THIS is how you do a convention: Summer Glau, Zachary Levi, Amy Acker, Adam Baldwin, Felicia Day, Jonathan Woodward, and some other people at Starfury T1 in Birmingham.

    Misha Collins interview. Sweetie, they really are just that rabid. He's adorable, and has excellent taste in episodes (Ghostfacers ♥)

    Reviews of 'Dollhouse' eps other than the pilot are coming through: Crave Online, Time Magazine, The TV Addict.

    Three million behind-the-scenes clips. Or, well...six. But a lot!

    Interview with producers Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain.

    BuddyTV interview with Eliza and Tahmoh.

    Suicide Girls interview with Eliza.

    There's stacks of new posters on the website.

    Dollhouse's Sexuality Is Creepy On Purpose - yeah, I figured that.

    Three new 'Half-Blood Prince' posters. I love the first one.

    Seth Green interview and gorgeous pictures.

    'Caprica' will premiere to DVD in April. What??

    Interview with recently returned 'Lost cast' member.

    Aww, the cast of 'Leverage' getting told they've been renewed.

    Gorgeous spam of Gael Garcia Bernal & Diego Luna.

    Last week I saw and forgot to review Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines )

    2 out of 5

    Daily Dom Dose )

    The only one with superpowers
    Green Queen
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    ( Feb. 4th, 2009 10:30 pm)
    Does anyone know where I might find an mp3 of Guy Pearce's performance from the end of Spicks & Specks tonight? There should be somewhere to get ALL of the performances at the end of that show. I love it.


    Apparently Fran Kranz let slip a HUGE 'Dollhouse' spoiler here. I haven't seen it. DON'T SPOIL ME.

    Dollhouse's Tahmoh Penikett offers up a few clues about his FBI agent.

    Dichen Lachman Q&A. I am still trying to get the hang of her name.

    Eliza Q&A, and another.

    New bit at the official site: 'The Echo Chamber', with possible theme music?

    'Grindhouse'-inspired 'T: TSCC' & 'Dollhouse' promo.

    Cast photoshoot video.

    Four sneak peeks from the pilot of 'Dollhouse'. If I were more excited for this show I would explode.

    Jane Espenson Talks BSG, Caprica, Buffy and Dollhouse! Oh Jane, I ♥ you so. There is some talk about 'Caprica' appealing to female viewers, but what I think is fantastic about it is not the plot (don't know how that will go, don't know if it can top Roslin and Starbuck in terms of feminism) but the fact that Jane is about the only female show-runner I can think of.

    ADORABLE BSG picspam entitled 'Love is a Battlefield'!

    Adam Baldwin interview.

    Kristin interviews Dom on the set of 'Chuck' but unsurprisingly it's more about 'Lost'.

    Dom on Craig Ferguson, which never stops being funny. Can I be an honorary Phantom?

    Dom at Korean BBQ with Elijah. Awwwww.

    [ profile] ack_attack's 'Jughead' recap.

    'Party Down' to star or guest-star pretty much everyone from 'Veronica Mars'. No Chris, though.

    Stephen King says ‘Twilight’ author ‘can't write’, while saying JK Rowling is a terrific writer. I kind of love him.

    Christian Bale's on-set blow up set to music. LMAO WIN.

    Icons: Lost and Supernatural (love the Dean facts), Veronica Mars: Welcome Wagon, multifandom, Supernatural, multifandom, my favourite icon maker made icons.

    Daily Dom Dose )

    The tongs make me their god
    Green Queen
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    ( Jan. 30th, 2009 09:32 pm)
    No work this morning, which is why I got so much done (a Lost episode AND finished my icons!) Went to work this afternoon and spent the entire afternoon at the pool. Three sunscreen runs later and I'm burnt in patches on my feet, lips and shin. *sigh*

    Amber Benson's Twitter, Facebook and blog.

    Scan of a Kim Manners tribute article, Sera Gamble interview. SPOILERS.

    For 'Dollhouse' on Fox, the set is one of the stars.

    Tahmoh to join Joss at NYCC.

    Condemning Harry Potter isn't just for zany Christian fundamentalists anymore! That's what I like to see: equal-opportunity religious extremism.

    Updates on 'Cherrybomb'.

    'Star Trek' article, Create Your Own Star Trek Story. Being an occasional but not avid watcher of the original, and therefore not being as invested as some, I am greatly anticipating this one. In other words, SO EXCITED. CHRIS PINE, DO ME ON IT.

    ONTD broke the internet and [ profile] grrliz is LOLtastic. In a good, intentional way!

    Daily Dom Dose )

    I make seven layer bean dip for the gods
    Green Queen
    I have had a crappy day. I was late for work, then when I got to work I discovered we'd lost the classroom I usually use, so I was moved to a much more inconvenient room. I cut myself twice and electrocuted myself (a little bit) once. I tried and failed to get someone to fix our TV/internet box, find out why there's $100 missing from my bank account, and finish my university application. AND my sister was a smug, self-righteous brat.

    Also, it was very hot today.

    MIDDLEDVDs ARE COMING! Also, Brendan Hines (Tyler) interview in which he doesn't talk Middleman :(

    New Dollhouse TV spot.

    Will TV Slay Joss Whedon? No, but logic, fact, and good grammar could slay that joke of an article.

    HIMYM cast being adorable. THAT IS THE WHEDON BABY IN ALY'S BELLY! Uh, you know what I mean.

    Tahmoh will be at Emerald City Comic Con. TAHMOH!

    What Are Whedon and Goddard Building With Cabin in the Woods?

    'Ghostfacers' nominated for a GLAAD award. I LOVE CORBETT. Ghostfacers is one of my all-time favourite Supernatural episodes.

    Go check out Chris Lowell's Haiti photos, they're stunning.

    Pretty Lost icons, BSG icons (SPOILERS).

    Daily Dom Dose )

    Yes, you're very smart. Shut up.
    Green Queen
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    ( Jan. 24th, 2009 11:08 am)
    Hey, random stuff time.

    Tah+moh. Tahmoh. Joss and Tahmoh talking about Tahmoh's name, because they're awesome. I dislike the fact that Fox took the word Jossverse and used it for their videos. The Jossverse is wide and expansive, my friends, and you killed a portion of it, so stop appropriating our words!!!

    [ profile] ladyminya linked me to this: What Dorothy was really thinking at the end of 'The Wizard of Oz'. SO TRUE.

    These two are from [ profile] truffle_shuffle: 'Pineapple Express' in 30 seconds.

    Dom and Zachary Levi being adorable on the set of 'Chuck' )

    And now, time to read my flist!
    Green Queen
    My flist has exploded with Domness! Go join [ profile] dom_media if you want all the details. I will eventually posting all the pictures I save from all the Slamdance events and photoshoots. I'll just do these links for now:
    Dom is interested in 'The Hobbit'.
    Hugh Jackman on the 'Wolverine' reshoots which do involve Dom.
    A little bit about Dom is in this EW article, also worth noting because it mentions the upcoming Alfonso Cuaron/Guillermo del Toro/Diego Luna/Gael Garcia Bernal movie that I will be first in line to see if it comes out here, because that is maybe the best combination of people EVER. Throw Joss and Dom into the mix and I'd be the happiest girl alive.
    Deseret News bits: one, two.
    Apparently Elijah's also at Sundance, so here's hoping for reunion photos!

    TV Guide confirms 'Veronica Mars: The Movie', which is what I'm calling it until someone tells me otherwise.

    Interview with the Final Cylon. SPOILERS FOR BSG, as if that wasn't obvious.

    Tahmoh interview about the usual. More spoilers, including one I didn't want to know about, so be warned.

    Eliza & Tahmoh share Mickey Rourke stories. Tahmoh could do comedy with a face that straight.

    Band From TV's TV debut.

    Daily Dom Dose )

    This isn't the first not-me scene I've noticed
    Green Queen
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    ( Jan. 14th, 2009 10:12 pm)
    Tomorrow I'm working 9-6 with only a half-hour break and it's Wheels Day. I hate Wheels Day. Also, my current obsession with 'The West Wing' (I am over halfway through season 2 now) means that I'm totally not keeping up with the fandom news.

    Three picspams:
    You should all see 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'.

    You should all see 'The Fall'.

    You should all have watched 'The Middleman'.

    "Pushing Daisies" Star Swoosie Kurtz Heads To "Heroes". That was a really weirdly-written article.

    Pushing Daisies Movie a Possibility, Chenoweth Says. OMG YES PLEASE.

    The 'Mad Men' cast being cute.

    Kripke is toying with our emotions. Spoilers.

    New Cherrybomb photos.

    New Dr. Horrible t-shirts.

    The Lost Doogie Howser Interview.

    Pilot review.
    The TCA panel.
    Eliza at said panel. I want pics of everyone else too, dammit!
    Tahmoh talks BSG and Dollhouse at the TCA thing. I heart him a lot.
    Tahmoh at a pre-Globes event.

    Clearly the fact that I've seen these linked all over my flist means that there's not enough, so good NCIS icons.

    Daily Dom Dose )

    It's a shanty!
    Green Queen
    green_queen: (Dollhouse: Trio of Awesome)
    ( Dec. 29th, 2008 12:28 am)
    I'm back. Hung out with Mitchell, Kyle and [ profile] baldie_troll today because Kyle and Mitchell are going away for New Year's, the jerks. I wanted to spend my Borders and Peter Alexander gift vouchers but I spent so much time just trying to find something worthwhile in Borders that I didn't end up getting anything. Borders is an unholy mess right now, nothing is where it's supposed to be.

    New Eliza promos, The Futon Critic hated the pilot, Tahmoh is a Face To Watch. I gotta tell you, I'm already watching, though it might not just be his face I'm looking at.

    The Middleman is sexy and awesome.

    Big Gaius/Six picspam, big Battlestar cast picspam.

    Pretty icons made by [ profile] dekolette.

    Daily Dom Dose )

    Oh oh's magic
    Green Queen
    green_queen: (HP: Robert Orgy?  Where?)
    ( Dec. 10th, 2008 09:35 pm)
    According to [ profile] truffle_shuffle, the Dead Like Me straight-to-DVD movie will finally be coming out on February 17th. Yay! Although I am scared to see Ellen Muth in it. I saw her irl around that time and she was scary.

    Hi-res Dom picspam.

    Rolling Stone did an awesome RPattz interview. Also, he proposed to KStew, is too manly for modelling, bites people and has a raw crotch. Just to round it off, Twilight: The Puppet Saga.

    Paley Center takes a look at 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog' and announces their own sing-along event. The pictures accompanying that first article are amazing.

    New So Fresh promos for Fox. TAHMOH! Eliza, Fran Kranz and Brendan Hines are lookin' pretty good too.

    I did a spam of boys in drag over at [ profile] rightclickdrool.

    Tonight I saw Four Holidays )

    1 out of 5

    Daily Dom Replacement )

    Hot and racy
    Green Queen
    Especially when he's doing the tango with Chuck. Also, with Chuck being so valuable, you'd think Jayne and Blondie would be more concerned with actually protecting him instead of constantly letting him get kidnappes. Cute show though :D

    I love this week's theme at [ profile] rightclickdrool.

    Dom's 'I Sell the Dead' co-star/producer talks him up, and another review of the movie. LOADS of spoilers.

    Little Jensen interview that's cute, more detailed Misha interview.

    Pictures of RPattz in the Dali movie. That moustache NEVER GETS OLD. Aw man, I hope all the Twilight girls get to see that.

    Save 'Pushing Daisies' petition.

    Ridiculous amount of Jossverse stuff:

    Joss posted again! Man, all I do is talk about things I love and I don't get flamed off the net. Of course, not that many people read this.

    Tahmoh interview, because apparently it's interview day on this journal.

    New Doc Horrible t-shirts with quotes, including 'we do the weird stuff' (DO WANT!) and, oddly, a women's tee that says 'this is not the hammer' with a picture of a hammer on it. Are they tryint to corner the small but lucrative cross-dressing/transsexual geek/superhero market? Actually, I kinda want all of those t-shirts.

    Tom Lenk came out! Which...he wasn't? Well, yay him anyway. He's such an odd bunny.

    OMG! OMG! In MUCH more...actually news-worthy Jossverse news, GINA TORRES is going to be in Pushing Daisies!

    And finally, someone's list of the top 100 Buffy moments.

    I feel that, with all the Joss-related news tonight, I must post a Joss-related Daily Dom Replacement )

    Organically written
    Green Queen
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    ( Sep. 18th, 2008 12:03 am)
    Don't forget to SAVE THE MIDDLEMAN by sending M&Ms to ABC Family!!!

    The Doctor Who/Harry Potter Crossover You'll Never Get To See. I agree with David Tennant, especially since he was IN Harry Potter.

    Battlestar to Dollhouse: Tahmoh Penikett Talks Helo, Whedon. I liked the name Paul Smith better than Paul Ballard.

    Countdown to Heroes premiere, NBC's 'Heroes' delves into villains. FRANCIS CAPRA! SETH GREEN! Very spoilery.

    This whole post about George Takei's wedding makes me happy, but it's flocked for [ profile] boy_touching members.

    19 Child Actors Who Went on to Respectable Careers. Elijah Wood and Seth Green made it, but Sean Astin didn't, which makes me sad. Also, DEAN STOCKWELL WAS THE KID IN ANCHORS AWEIGH? NO WAY.

    SPEAKING OF WHICH, Neil Patrick Harris interview. He's just an awesome, articulate man.

    The Futon Critic's first look at Nathan Fillion-starrer 'Castle'.

    Multifandom icons with some nice close-ups, and I like the Harry Potter icons in this set.

    Daily Dom Dose )

    Wait for it
    Green Queen


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