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( Oct. 4th, 2010 02:28 pm)
You know what’s coming up? October 3rd. Are you doing anything special to mark the six year anniversary of Lilly Kane’s murder?

When you see this on your flist, quote Veronica Mars.

Piz: You're on the air with Desmond Fellows of My Pretty Pony, playing a benefit tomorrow night at Liberty Lunch. Brought to you by Wrigley's Extra gum. Okay, caller are you there?
Desmond: Their leftover gum?
Piz: The brand. Extra gum. Sugarless.

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( Feb. 1st, 2010 10:19 pm)
Felicia Day talks 'Epitaph Two'.

Awesome Adelle & Topher picspam.

My thoughts on Epitaph Two )

Networks salivating over actors from canceled, bubble shows.

Check out Tricia Helfer's shop. She's so lovely.

Matt Bomer in Details magazine and Men's Health-via-JustJared. Recent 'White Collar' )

Awesome Jane Lynch interview.

10 Reasons to Watch 'Veronica Mars'. I thought I would give reasons why not to visit the spam, but felt that would be rude. It is nice, and I like that people are pimping out the show, so I'll leave it at that.

These icons are pretty kick-ass, and these are pretty...pretty. Do all the awesome icon-makers make Supernatural icons?!

Holy crap, you guys. Boyzone video for their latest song, basically a tribute to Stephen Gately.

Flew out the window with my invisible jet pack
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( Mar. 9th, 2009 10:11 pm)
I have this awesome Veronica Mars bag, and I've been wanting to buy another one from the girl who made it, but I can't find the link to save myself and searches are turning up nothing. Does anyone know where the bags are? I know they're messenger bags and tote bags, and one has a Big Damn Heroes motif...anyone?

I can't believe [ profile] baldie_troll and [ profile] thistler got back together and didn't tell me about it. I am cross. It was Squishy's birthday...well, Friday, but we hung out yesterday and watched 'Dollhouse', 'Battlestar Galactica' and 'Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist' before going out with friends for dinner. It was good. I would've enjoyed the evening part more had I not gotten horrendously drunk at [ profile] melissajane14's the night before.

9 Reasons to Watch Zombie Films.

Sex, Race and Dollhouse.

(not so) Evil Genius || A Joss Whedon picspam.

Enrico Colantoni interview in which he discusses the Movie.

Ryan Hansen will be in the Gossip Girl prequel-spinoff. I don't watch Gossip Girl, but I ♥ Ryan Hansen.

Benry Knows Best: You Look Just Like Her and What's Up Doc.

9 1/2 Reasons to Love Pushing Daisies.

(He's the only one who's losing that I want to win.)

Pretty icons:
looni_ma, whose icons I think I've been voting for this entire round of [ profile] lotr_lims

Movies I've seen recently:

Giant )

3 out of 5

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist )

3.5 out of 5

Daily Dom Dose )

Your hetero heroine
Green Queen
I'm not linking to everything Dollhouse anymore because it's almost all either negative or spoilery, and I just want to enjoy the show while I have the chance, because it could be taken away at any moment. For those wanting to give up, Eliza says it takes off after episode 6, when Joss gets real control, and, here's a Fran Kranz interview.

Get a signed copy of Amber Benson's new novel no matter where you live.

Criminal Minds' Kirsten Vangsness to Wed Girlfriend this Spring.

Rob Thomas talks Veronica Mars and Party Down, Kristen Bell talks movie.

Icons: BSG, multi-fandom, Dom & Maggie.

Daily Dom Dose )

Green Queen
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( Feb. 4th, 2009 10:30 pm)
Does anyone know where I might find an mp3 of Guy Pearce's performance from the end of Spicks & Specks tonight? There should be somewhere to get ALL of the performances at the end of that show. I love it.


Apparently Fran Kranz let slip a HUGE 'Dollhouse' spoiler here. I haven't seen it. DON'T SPOIL ME.

Dollhouse's Tahmoh Penikett offers up a few clues about his FBI agent.

Dichen Lachman Q&A. I am still trying to get the hang of her name.

Eliza Q&A, and another.

New bit at the official site: 'The Echo Chamber', with possible theme music?

'Grindhouse'-inspired 'T: TSCC' & 'Dollhouse' promo.

Cast photoshoot video.

Four sneak peeks from the pilot of 'Dollhouse'. If I were more excited for this show I would explode.

Jane Espenson Talks BSG, Caprica, Buffy and Dollhouse! Oh Jane, I ♥ you so. There is some talk about 'Caprica' appealing to female viewers, but what I think is fantastic about it is not the plot (don't know how that will go, don't know if it can top Roslin and Starbuck in terms of feminism) but the fact that Jane is about the only female show-runner I can think of.

ADORABLE BSG picspam entitled 'Love is a Battlefield'!

Adam Baldwin interview.

Kristin interviews Dom on the set of 'Chuck' but unsurprisingly it's more about 'Lost'.

Dom on Craig Ferguson, which never stops being funny. Can I be an honorary Phantom?

Dom at Korean BBQ with Elijah. Awwwww.

[ profile] ack_attack's 'Jughead' recap.

'Party Down' to star or guest-star pretty much everyone from 'Veronica Mars'. No Chris, though.

Stephen King says ‘Twilight’ author ‘can't write’, while saying JK Rowling is a terrific writer. I kind of love him.

Christian Bale's on-set blow up set to music. LMAO WIN.

Icons: Lost and Supernatural (love the Dean facts), Veronica Mars: Welcome Wagon, multifandom, Supernatural, multifandom, my favourite icon maker made icons.

Daily Dom Dose )

The tongs make me their god
Green Queen
My flist has exploded with Domness! Go join [ profile] dom_media if you want all the details. I will eventually posting all the pictures I save from all the Slamdance events and photoshoots. I'll just do these links for now:
Dom is interested in 'The Hobbit'.
Hugh Jackman on the 'Wolverine' reshoots which do involve Dom.
A little bit about Dom is in this EW article, also worth noting because it mentions the upcoming Alfonso Cuaron/Guillermo del Toro/Diego Luna/Gael Garcia Bernal movie that I will be first in line to see if it comes out here, because that is maybe the best combination of people EVER. Throw Joss and Dom into the mix and I'd be the happiest girl alive.
Deseret News bits: one, two.
Apparently Elijah's also at Sundance, so here's hoping for reunion photos!

TV Guide confirms 'Veronica Mars: The Movie', which is what I'm calling it until someone tells me otherwise.

Interview with the Final Cylon. SPOILERS FOR BSG, as if that wasn't obvious.

Tahmoh interview about the usual. More spoilers, including one I didn't want to know about, so be warned.

Eliza & Tahmoh share Mickey Rourke stories. Tahmoh could do comedy with a face that straight.

Band From TV's TV debut.

Daily Dom Dose )

This isn't the first not-me scene I've noticed
Green Queen
I'm not going through my flist tonight because I haven't seen the new Battlestar Galactica episode yet and I'm paranoid about spoilers. I do, however, have two incredibly awesome things to link before I watch Supernatural:


Dom & the rest of the 'I Sell the Dead' team photoshoot at Slamdance.

Supernatural 4.11 'Family Remains' as it happens )

Oh, yay, BSG just finished downloading!

Battlestar Galactica 4.11 'Sometimes a Great Notion' as it happens )

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( Dec. 4th, 2008 12:33 am)
Ugh, had a sick day today. I went to work, but I was totally wiped. Got a cold and an earache, and my whole body felt heavy.

I expressed interest in four cars today. I feel very accomplished.

Lost 5x01 'Because You Left' sneak peek.

Prop 8: The Musical. Alison Janney. John C. Reilly. Margaret Cho. Sarah Chalke. Kathy Najimy. Jack Black as Jesus. NEIL PATRICK HARRIS. And it's made by Adam Shankman. If the internet gets more awesome than this I'm yet to see it.

'Little Ashes' trailer. Do we have any kissing pictures from this yet? Or from Milk?

I've been thinking about this lately, so it's good to know that the kids are probably getting aged up via prosthetics for the epilogue. I hated the adult actors at the end of Narnia. Plus, by that stage pretty much all of them will be at least 20 anyway, right? Plus, Benjamin Button should give us a good indication of what they can do in terms of actor aging.

'Caprica' gets full season commitment. ERIC STOLTZ.

Part II and Part III of Access Hollywood's Dollhouse set tour.

According to Enrico, Rob Thomas is working on the Veronica Mars movie.

[ profile] mediocrechick makes the funniest Supernatural icons.

Daily Dom Dose has already been posted, really, hasn't it?

Teaching your kids about sodomy
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( Aug. 28th, 2008 01:05 am)
I've got this kink or twinge or something in my neck/behind my shoulder that's been hurting a lot ever since the weekend and it's driving me mad. I should really get it fixed but I have no money.

ETA: And he's related to a couple other somewhat famous names! OK, I'm a tiny bit obsessed with him today.

Corbett is going to be on 90210! I found out via this VERY SPOILERY FOR EVERYTHING blog from Kristin. Now I keep seeing him in the ads and getting all happy. I probably won't like him on 90210, though.

Speaking of spoilery articles, STOP TAUNTING US ABOUT THE VERONICA MARS MOVIE ALREADY. Just tell me Piz is in it.

I love Kristen Bell's new pixie haircut.

Pretty terrible Tahmoh interview from Dollhouse Forum.

OK, I don't care that everyone thinks I'm a huge dork for liking High School Musical and Zac Efron because this is hilarious. Yes, I am five.

I am smarter than 98.95% of the rest of the world.
Dumb Test

I told my sister I needed to start catching up on movie-watching because I've only seen 60 so far this year, so she took me seriously and we watched THREE movies today! The first was The Broken Hearts Club )

4 out of 5

Then we went to Jamie's and saw Jumper )

1 out of 5

Finally, with my mother, we watched The Family Stone )

2.5 out of 5

Daily Dom Replacement )

Does anyone have the Wonderfalls theme song? I promise I'll pay all of you back with a lovely shiny music post one of these days.

Did the cow creamer tell you that?
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( Aug. 21st, 2008 01:05 am)
James Marsters is 46 today. That's FOUR YEARS OFF FIFTY.

[ profile] corellianjedi posted Middleman icons.

Veronica Mars movie? I just watched Debasement Tapes today :D PLEASE KEEP PIZ IN IT.

Hobbit news I think we already knew.

Why Dollhouse's Original Pilot Will Make A Better Second Episode. SPOILERS.

This is fun: Guess the movie from a letter from the poster. I only got about 10.

I'm looking forward to Where the Wild Things Are. I totally picked it as the reading book with one of the kids I look after in spite of her reservations. I looove that book.

Daily Dom Replacement )

The leftover gum
Green Queen
I played Guitar Hero for three hours with Mitchell and Jamie tonight. Also, Jamie's house makes my eyes water and I don't know why. My theory is the heating, but it could also be the fact that he keeps cutting onions while we're there. I'm looking into whether or not that's coincidental. Of course, I was tearing before the onions, so I don't know. Barracuda rocks.

Wanted in 15 Minutes, mostly for my own reference for when I’ve seen the movie. Don’t want to spoil myself.

Amanda Seyfried ‘Veronica Mars’ promos, mostly linked to because I find them kind of...odd.

And now to get YouTubing!
Felicia Day asks for help pimping the Doc. Horrible, that is. View the trailer on YouTube! And my helping is done.

Eliza Dushku singing! The clip is kind of adorable, I think.

Ow. My tummy hurts from laughing so hard at Ellen on the Hawaii Chair. [ profile] dekolette is an evil woman with good taste in men for showing me that clip.

Does anyone have the Indiana Jones theme music? [ profile] corellianjedi, I'm looking at you here.

Torchwood 'Meat' deleted scene. JACK IS A PERVERT AND IANTO LOVES IT.
ETA: AND OUTTAKES!!! Oh, John Barrowman, I love you for making out with the straight boys. And pretending to make out with the straight boys, and threatening to make out with the straight boys, and generally making the world a better place.

Trailer for a new gay-themed movie called ‘What We Do Is Secret’ about The Germs. Co-stars Bijou Phillips. See the connection below.

MySpace page for Chris Lowell’s movie ‘You Are Here’, which apparently is looking for a DVD release in Autumn, according to Chris via [ profile] dekolette. I feel like an idiot for not noticing previously that he was in this with Katie Cassidy AKA Ruby, Sam’s pet demon. WHAT. I can at least comfort myself with the fact that she wasn’t at Sundance promoting it, as proven by the images below. Which are in no way posted just because I think Chris looks adorable in them. Speaking of looking adorable, CHECK OUT THE ‘YOU ARE HERE’ PROMO SHOT. ADORABLE WITH A CAPITAL GORGEOUS.

Chris Lowell at Sundance minispam )

Girls just wanna have fun
Green Queen
Today was fun but exhausting. I had breakfast with Colin & Cath visiting from Sydney at 10 (I had to wake up at 9 after only 6 hours sleep! It's hard when you're out of the habit) and then I went Christmas shopping with various permutations and combinations of Clare, Melissa and Jamie until 4 pm. I am not a shopper. Shopping is one of my LEAST favourite things to do, and guess what? More tomorrow! Anyway, I went and chillaxed at Jamie's for an hour before coming homr, walking the dog and going to the work Christmas party for a little over an hour with Mitchell. I then dropped Mitchell off in Civic to meet a boy and danced my behind off to a random Latin music band that was playing live in the city, which was awesome. When I got home Mum and Clare were watching Singin' in the Rain :D:D:D:D

OMG GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINEES! HAAAAAAAAAAAIRPSRAY!!!!!! Nikki Blonsky OMG! I can't wait to see Sweeney Todd, and I want to see quite a few of the other films. The TV nominations mostly left me cold. How they're STILL nominating Katherine Heigl over everybody else for Grey's is baffling to me.

ASF:LJHSDF:KJSDHFLJK bought The Tales of Beedle the Bard. And then took PHOTOS and wrote REVIEWS and just looking at it gives me Pottergasm. And then looking at the comments took it away. *sad*

I was looking for the event a few adorable pictures of Ryan Hansen and Kristen Bell recently posted by [ profile] kerrsmith2306 were taken at. I couldn't find that even, but while looking I did come across a page of Ryan Hansen pics, most of which I haven't seen and are also ADORABLE. I've been thinking about doing a Veronica Mars boyspam.

For those interested, how Pencils for Media Moguls's dedications shaped up. Clearly the Smallville prizes were good incentive. I dedicated mine to Lost and Joss, of course.

Lots of nifty scifi icons.

One picture of Sendhil Ramamurthy + Daily Dom Dose )

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( Nov. 28th, 2007 10:36 pm)
I feel so overwhelmed at the moment, I feel like there's a million things to be doing all the time. I have so much to do to get ready for the weekend!

I'm amazed at the way the Veronica Mars fandom is happy to let itself die out. Is it really so overrun by young people who were never Buffy or Firefly fans? It's been years since Buffy finished but it's still a large part of my life, it was absolutely defining for me and the idea of ever just allowing the fandom to disappear and not talk to all those great people and discuss the show is foreign to me. I don't see why the Veronica Mars fandom can't do the same.

This rant was partly brought on by the fact that I bought Seasons 1 and 2 from for $15 each and they arrived today. YAY. I finally own Veronica Mars on DVD!

Vote for your favourite movie of /07 at the At the Movies website :)

LOL boy scout!Jensen.

You guys'll like these ones: Five men sexier than Matt Damon. Number one? CAPTAIN TIGHTPANTS! Damn straight.

New (since I last saw the site) buckshotwon video: Milo always knows what day it is on boats, too.

For anyone interested, there's a collection of downloaded fonts posted here.

ETA: Heroes spoilers )
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( Oct. 24th, 2007 11:16 am)

ETA: It's amazing how many times I go to IMDb in one day.

Green Queen
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( Oct. 22nd, 2007 11:09 pm)

Info on that episode of the fourth season of Veronica Mars that never came to be.

Recasting for The Lovely Bones.

LMAO, this is brilliant: When Dumbledore could've mentioned his big shiny gayness in the books.

[ profile] speakfree made some AWESOME Supernatural icons, headers & wallpapers - I'm using the first one as my new background. I love that car. There's also some great Bad Day at Black Rock icons here.

There's a good post-Brokeback fic over here if anyone's interested.

Daily Dom Dose )

Equity for all
Green Queen
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( Oct. 5th, 2007 05:29 pm)
There's been a bit of a change of plans in terms of Muhney Week; namely that I'm lazy and was doing other things today and didn't get around to fixing my Lovers, Liars and Lunatics caps. SO. Today's spam will instead be of various pictures of Michael Muhney at assorted events.

I tried to label all these properly, but my folder's a bit of a mess, so I'm sorry for blunders and stolen photos - let me know if you want any of them taken down.

Assorted Muhneyspam )

Green Queen
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( Oct. 4th, 2007 06:52 pm)
Some slightly disappointing news today, guys: Christian Kane will no longer be joining us at the Hub con. However the three lovely ladies of cult television and Michael Muhney are still attending, so go get your tickets! We'll be partying down even without Christian Kane. He doesn't know what he'll be missing :p

Anyway, that news will not deter me from the fourth and final Lambspam, the season 3 Lambspam. Sadly this is the season in which we say goodbye to our beloved Sheriff, but our fond memories remain, many of them in this picspam.

Season 3: I Smell Bread )

That's the end of the Lambspam, but not the end of Muhney Week! Tomorrow, I'll be spamming with homemade screencaps from the movie Michael made with Amber Benson, 'Lovers, Liars and Lunatics.' Stay tuned, and if you want the other parts of the Lambspam you can find them here:
Part 1 - season 1
Part 2 - the first half of season 2
Part 3 - the second half of season 2

By the way, every one of the caps used in this (somewhat extensive) spam was provided by <a href="</a></a> so go check them out if you have the time! <font color=green>Green Queen</font>
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( Oct. 3rd, 2007 09:49 pm)
The website for the convention is back up! You can now book your tickets for the October 26th/27th Hub convention featuring MICHAEL MUHNEY and CHRISTIAN FUCKING KANE and a bunch of hot chicks. Excitement! Merriment! Something-else-happy-ment!

To celebrate, and in no way because I was doing it anyway, here's the third part of the Lambspam: Season 2, part 2.

Season 2, part 2 - 18: It's Legal! )

That's it for part 3. To see past installments, check out these links:
Part 1
Part 2
& stay tuned tomorrow for more spam, same Lamb place, same Lamb channel.

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( Oct. 2nd, 2007 05:44 pm)
Here's the second Lambspam for the first part of Muhney week, inspired as it is by the upcoming Hub Productions convention that Michael Muhney will be attending. Other guests include Christian Kane, Mercedes McNab, Elisabeth Rohm and Ellen Muth. (By the way, the site is down right now, but keep checking back - I'm sure they'll have it up again soon.)

In case you missed it, Monday's Lambspam was Season 1: a Lamb retrospective. Which, of course, means that today I'm moving on to season 2, and the longest picspam of the lot, so I'm breaking it down into two parts.

Season 2, part 1 - Neptune's Hottest Bachelor )

Part 2 tomorrow. Stay cool, hep cats.
Green Queen
Okay, kiddies, it's time for Muhney Week to celebrate the upcoming Muhneycon (also starring Ellen Muth of Dead Like Me and Elisabeth Rohm, Mercedes McNab and Christian Fucking Kane of Angel). To start the week off, we have the first of three Lambspams! Somewhat like Piz Week, but with one post for each season.

Season 1 - Go see the Wizard )

If anyone out there has or frequents any Veronica Mars, Angel or Dead Like Me sites, it would be awesome if you could let people know about the upcoming Hub convention! October 27th in Sydney, 28th in Melbourne, with truly awesome guests.

Green Queen


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