Top 5 Gifs that make me smile that aren't Darren or Glee

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Top 5 Starkids that aren't Darren

1. Joey Richter
2. Joe Walker
3. Lauren Lopez
4. Joe Moses
5. Tyler Brunsman

Top 5 reasons other than Darren that you watch Glee

1. Chris Colfer and everything he chooses to be.
2. It's a musical! People burst into song and dance! On TV!
3. Harry Shum's dancing.
4. It has the most diverse cast on TV (and the most diverse characters), and they're so adorable together.
5. It makes me smile.

Top 5 Fanvids

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Top 5 Modes of Transport

1. Delorean, Back to the Future
2. Serenity, Firefly
3. 1967 Chevy Impala, Supernatural
4. Apparition, Harry Potter (or basically any kind of teleportation)
5. Striped Tomato, Starsky & Hutch

Top 5 TV shows no longer airing that I miss most

1. Firefly
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3. Veronica Mars
4. Pushing Daisies
5. The Middleman

Top 5 shows I think people should be watching

1. Leverage
2. Psych
3. Cougar Town
4. So You Think You Can Dance
5. Game of Thrones

Top 5 Harry Potter Moments

1. The Silver Doe, when Ron comes back.
2. Snape, Sirius, Remus and Peter face off in the Shrieking Shack.
3. Harry goes to his death in The Forest Again.
4. "The Aurors are part of the Rotfang Conspiracy, I thought everyone knew that. They're working from within to take over the Ministry of Magic using a combination of Dark magic and gum disease."
5. The moment I first picked up Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Top 5 Scenes I Look Forward To/Hope They Don't Fuck Up in DH2

1. The Ron/Hermione kiss
2. "Not my daughter, you bitch!"
3. The epilogue!
4. I don't know about look forward to, but I definitely hope they don't fuck up Fred's death.
5. The Marauders back together with Lily to help Harry face his own death.

Top 5 movies I've seen this year

1. SUPER 8
2. The Red Shoes
3. The King's Speech
4. Nine Queens
5. Gosford Park

Top 5 Movies I Saw Last Year

1. Inception
2. Kick-Ass
3. The Brothers Blooom
4. Bran Nue Dae
5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Green Queen
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( Jun. 26th, 2011 09:13 pm)
Top Five Original Darren Songs (Non-Starkid):

1. Don't You
2. Jealousy
3. The Muse
4. Stutter
5. Sophomore

(I chose to do non-Starkid songs because I covered my top five Starkid songs in this post.)

Top Five Darren Covers (non-Glee):

1. Tu Vuoi Fa L'Americano (YouTube)
Hnnng. Italian. AND he forgets his lyrics, which is always one of my favourite things. Dork.

2. The Rainbow Connection/Almost Like Being In Love
(Almost Like Being in Love)
My favourite version is the double, which I know is kind of cheating but he does blend them into one song. Rainbow Connection is one of my favourite songs, and I find the way he sings Almost Like Being In Love adorable.

3. Belle (YouYube)
My favourite "weird Disney cover". His Gaston voice! The giggling! "Isn't he dreamy"!

4. Part of Your World (YouTube)
This one had to grow on me, and I like his live versions better than the YouTube one - particularly when he swears, because that makes me laugh - but I have to admit it's really sweet.

5. Sitting On the Dock of the Bay
This one is just sexy and sultry and gorgeous, I love listening to it over and over again.

(Runners-up: One Fine Day, That's All, Dammit.)

Top Five Darren Covers (Glee)

1. Teenage Dream (YouTube)
(Teenage Dream - my favourite Darren solo version)
The song that started it all. I like almost all the songs on this list better than the originals, but this is just SO much better. The arrangement is amazing.

2. Baby, It's Cold Outside (YouTube)
Only my strong dislike of listening to Christmas songs at any time other than December (when I listen to them non-stop) prevents this from being the most-played song on my iTunes. I love it so much, and I love their FACES when they sing it.

3. I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You
Darren Link Larkining all over the stage! Plus the song is super catchy.

4. Raise Your Glass (YouTube - from the Glee Live concert)
I just think this song is fun. I like it much better than anything else that was performed at that Regionals contest.

5. Animal (YouTube)
(Animal - my favourite solo Darren version)
To be honest, I really don't enjoy watching them perform this song - I prefer Bills, Bills, Bills and Misery - but I love listening to it. More than that, I love listening to Darren singing it solo, because when he does "you're killing me now" it KILLS ME. So freaking sexy.

Top Five Darren Song Performances
I took this to mean not so much for quality performances as ones I really love, so.

1. Goin' Back to Hogwarts (Azkatraz) (YouTube)
Obviously, this one's here because it's the moment I fell in love with Darren. Also because everybody's cute and happy and together and this is just it for me, in so many ways. It makes me smile every time.

2. Granger Danger with Joey Richter (The Roxy) (YouTube)
This one's special to me because a) Granger Danger! b) I liveblogged The Roxy show over at [ profile] kurt_blaine specifically because Joey was there, and c) DARREN AND JOEY. I just love how excited everyone is, and how damn cute. It's unfortunate that the audio quality from the Roxy shows isn't so great.

3. I Still Think (Living Room) (YouTUbe)
His guitar string breaks because it was so excited to be playing for everybody. I would actually rather listen to this one than a complete, perfect version of the song.

4. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (Live) (YouTube)
Guh. So much. This for so many reasons - it's a better version than the original, Darren sounds hot - but most of all, because he is so excited he literally bounces in his seat at some points.

5. The Muse (Michigan in Motion) (YouTube)
This is, for me, the definitive version of The Muse - and Darren spends half the song trying to reach the microphone. Also, the hair!

...the whole Mint show
I love this whole show like burning. It's got Joe Walker and some other Starkids yelling in the audience, a bunch of rare songs, and Darren doing requests from the audience - including a solo version of Granger Danger. It's just Darren, a guitar, and some fans, and it's loose and informal and gorgeous, and I love it so much. Plus, whole show in one file! How cool is that?

Top Five Darren Moments From AVPM/S

1. "One, two, three, Redvines!"
2. "Who is that? I think I'm in love!"
3. "Everybody knows I'm cool."
4. "I'M IN A RAGE! This is the maddest I've ever been!"
5. "Permission form?" "Um, no, I'm Harry Potter."

Top Five Darren Lyrics

1. You're damn near flawless and I'm sure you'd cut/up my eyes, my hands, my head, my heart/You'd tear this canvas skin apart/oh, what a waste of human art that'd be - The Muse
2. A kiss, there's a thought so how about this/Let's pretend that both our lips are made of candy/After all, we need sweets every now and then - Don't You
3. Our history is nothing more than what the losers settle for - Not Over Yet
4. I was thinking that, like, maybe we could chill tonight/we could watch The Breakfast Club, is that alright?
It's no wonder that you're underneath my skin/I haven't let you out since I let you in
My braces are freezing over/I'm shaking for you/I can't wait 'til this is over and I'll fall in love with you - Sophomore
5. Now let’s be real I feel just like a child/Someone could be taking all my toys/So call me dumb, call me wild/See that’s the thing with little boys - Jealousy

Top 5 Goofiest Things Darren's Done

2. His shoes. All of the time.
3. When Joe kicked his shoe off and Joey and Nicholas were cracking up, Darren had no idea what was going on.
4. He swam across an empty land!
5. Messing up When You Wish Upon a Star at Maggiano's...then referring to the stuff up the next time he was at Maggiano's and messing it up again. Bless.

Top Five Darren Quotes

1. There's nothing more badass than being yourself.
3. The kind of music you can be friends with.
4. Like, super whee.

Top Five Darren Interviews

AOL's A Day in the Life, just because it's crazy.

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Top Five Darren Accessories


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You can buy Darren's EP, Human, here on iTunes.
You can buy the Starkid albums on their website.

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