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( Mar. 22nd, 2010 10:16 pm)
In my continued effort to post every day, I'm doing a big Dom update.

  • IF Magazine interview.

  • TV Guide Interview.

  • Follow teamdominic, the group of teenagers who won that contest and have him starring in their movie. There's a cute pic there.

  • Lopez Tonight interview

  • Dom on Ellen

  • Apparently his schedule is crazy and this is newsworthy

  • Article: Wednesday Morning Man

  • [ profile] mata090680 posted event pics

  • [ profile] mata090680 has Paley pics, more here

  • Paley vids: one, two, three, Being asked about Lost at Paley post-FF panel

  • Paley pics on Flickr, and more here

  • Ecollywood article (I was like "E-Coli what?")

  • Dom on Craig Ferguson

  • A couple of pics )

    Green Queen
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    ( Feb. 13th, 2010 11:44 pm)
    Awesome astronaut.

    Adorable Dharma van spam. I've seen a bunch of top 5 'Glee' performance spams, but agree with none of them and may have to make one. Augh.

    Apparently, Trucco will be on 'V'. Is 'V' any good?

    Pretty 'Supernatural' icons.

    Supernatural 5.14 'My Bloody Valentine' )

    Okay, I have to do three movie reviews, two of which I saw a week ago. Oops.

    Push )

    3.5 out of 5

    Battlestar Galactica: The Plan )

    2.5 out of 5

    Random note: the two kids who have played wee!Sam Winchester on Supernatural each starred in one of the aforementioned movies. How trippy is that?

    The Forbidden Kingdom )

    2.5 out of 5


    The power of Alfonso Cuaron compels you! )

    Daily Dom Dose )

    Matron of mystical mumbo-jumbo
    Green Queen
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    ( Feb. 13th, 2010 12:48 am)
    Stack of Dom news:

    Dom hosted the Fidelity Future Sound event with Jamie Foxx and there are pictures.
    He's also talked about that kid film contest he's involved in.
    'FlashForward' lost its original showrunners and gained crappy ones.

    I've been rewatching 'Pushing Daisies' and 1.09 'Corpsicle' breaks my heart. It's filled with little boys who are broken and have horrible things happen to them they can't do anything about. Abner makes my heart bleed. 'Bitter Sweets' is an AWESOME episode.

    AWESOME British 'Supernatural' advertisement.


    Ellen vs. Misha for world domination! LOL. I think both of them need to get in line behind Mark Sheppard (spoilers for 'Supernatural' and 'Chuck'....although I suppose that's already spoiling you, really.) He's just chalked up one more of my favourite shows.

    Michael Muhney talks soap actresses. Don't care about the actresses.

    David Krumholtz has a new pilot.

    I don't agree, but gorgeous: top 5 Pixar movies.
    IS THIS THE MOST BAMF PICSPAM EVER? It's basically an ENTIRE PICSPAM just of Sulu kicking Romulan ass and falling in Kirk's arms. IT IS AWESOME. ALSO IT HAS SALA BAKER.

    There are AWESOME Dollhouse icons here and here (along with other fandoms). Also, some nice multi-fandom ones and AWESOMESAUCE fandoms.


    The power of the awesomeness of Rupert Grint compels you! )

    DDD )

    I baked you a pie, it has special filling
    Green Queen
    When did Dom DeLuise die?! Also, I watched 'The Accused' last night and discovered that young Jodie Foster kinda looks like young Michael J. Fox. Trufax.

    I have no idea what theme I'm going to use for my last [ profile] whedonland spam. I have all these adorable leftover pictures I want to use, but at the same time I feel like I want to do a more specific one, maybe a Dollhouse cast spam.

    New 'Benry Knows Best'.

    Mark Salling posted a picture of him with Dianna Agron at a photoshoot that is...strange.

    I am mostly happy about the SAGs, especially the 'Glee' cast. Personally, I think Naya is the best dressed, then Lea. Amber looks adorable, but it kinda looks like her dress is trying to strangle her. I don't get Dianna's weird saggy dress, but I know nothing about fashion.

    Sundance 2010: Alan Tudyk Talks Firefly, Spin-off Comic by Patton Oswalt.

    Joss at the Producer's Guild Awards.

    Icons: one, two

    Three movies last weekend:

    Up in the Air )

    4 out of 5

    Inkheart )

    3 out of 5

    The Accused )

    4 out of 5

    Also, since it's Enver Gjokaj's birthday, have a little spam of him in with the Daily Dom )

    I would love to have the sex with you!
    Green Queen
    Usually I bemoan the fact that the 'Supernatural' fandom is slightly insane, but I'm impressed at how disappointed everyone is that it got renewed for a sixth season even though, by all accounts, Kripke and the boys only wanted to do (and planned) 5. Not that I trust in Kripke. At all.

    Also, at his current rate of expansion, I reckon that Jared won't be able to fit through doors by the end of next season cuz he'll be too buff.

    Meanwhile, Supernatural 5.11 'Sam, Interrupted' )

    LMAO. Spork: An Erotic Love Story, as (kind of) read by Zachary Quinto. By which they mean they bastardised the audiobook to make it porn. SO FUNNY.

    Paul McCartney holds court at the Critics' Choice Awards, meets GQMFs, who are ADORABLE.

    Gene Roddenberry pilot gets deal, Roddenberry thought it would be bigger than Star Trek.

    Jane Espenson interviewed about 'Caprica' (on AfterElton, so it mostly focuses on the gay characters. I have to watch the pilot. I'm glad she's getting so much attention, she is an awesome and intelligent lady. More Caprica: first look at James Marsters on the show. Not spoiling, but wow, Ausiello, this character is basically Spike? Not from that description.

    Johnny Wallet's on Twitter!

    Barry Manilow to guest star on 'Glee'. There seems to be a lot of fandom backlash against all the stunt casting and famous cameos. I kinda don't care. This show is kind of cartoony and OTT anyway, and if we enjoy it that way, then all this stuff is just icing.

    Glee, Supernatural, other multi-fandom
    Cute 'Sherlock Holmes'
    Pretty multi-fandom (except for the two-headed Neal.)

    DDD + Jude & RDJ )

    Green Queen
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    ( Jan. 21st, 2010 12:16 am)
    Zack Whedon interview with a possible, but unlikely, title for Dr. Horrible 2.

    Could Joss Whedon be planning a new series with FX? The answer should be yes, I think. Joss + cable = win.

    Final Season Of ‘Lost’ Promises To Make Fans More Annoying Than Ever.

    New 'Benry Knows Best' by [ profile] ack_attack.

    'Glee' keeps the big-name guest stars coming. Don't care so much about her.

    'The Sun' really sucks - tiny 'Glee' snippet about Dianna (whose name they spell right, then wrong) with a couple of little pics.

    100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes. Check out the vidder's other stuff too.

    Rufus Wainwright's note about the death of his mother, Kate McGarrigle. I didn't know until today. How sad!

    Victor icons.

    DDD + more Glee at the Golden Globes )

    Green Queen
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    ( Jan. 20th, 2010 12:45 am)
    NPH TO BE IN JOSS'S EPISODE OF 'GLEE'. SERIOUSLY. I really need to stop reading 'Glee' spoilers, not because I'm against them, but because it's such a long time until we get the new episodes that by then it'll feel old.

    Speaking of NPH, hilarious Golden Globes twitter pic.

    'Dollhouse' will be pre-empted for a Haiti telethon this week.

    Dollhouse: (Briefly) The Best Show on Television. I think a lot of people remember Angel differently to me. I like the Abrams Line, though.

    Interview with Adam, Amber, and the cast of 'Drones'. Not sure about that hair on Amber, but I still love her.

    Michael Shanks to guest on 'Supernatural'.

    'Starsky & Hutch' manifesto by [ profile] thandie.

    'Sherlock Holmes' picspams: the movie and behind the scenes.

    Cute animals picspam.

    [ profile] dekolette put up some pics of Chris at a photography exhibition he was part of. CUTE stuff of Chris with Taye Diggs and Ryan Hanson.

    Firefly, Lost, Whoverse
    Doctor Who & Supernatural

    DDD + awards show pics - Glee and Star Trek casts )

    It's a shanty
    Green Queen
    I am now First Aid qualified! That, the Golden Globes and the picspam meant I didn't have time for link hunting or memes today. Tomorrow I'll do it.

    Gleeks at the Globes.

    Apparently there are people out there making more awesome 'Alternate Big Bang' spams for [ profile] whedonland than me: gorgeous picspam of 'The Tams' by [ profile] thesirenslure @ [ profile] taking_shape.

    Vote in the Trek Choice Awards! Also, awesome 'Star Trek' fan experience from the Critic's Choice Awards. There's a bunch of pics of Chris from the event here, the others here, here and here thanks to [ profile] mata090680.

    DDD )

    All it knows is that ocean black
    Green Queen
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    ( Jan. 16th, 2010 01:28 am)
    Misha's Minions have raised over $15,000 for Haiti. I would donate but I don't have a credit card. I wish more people took PayPal.

    There are some awesome Lady GaGa parodies on YouTube, including Neutra Face (an ode to a typeface).

    The Fuck Yeah RDJ/Jude Tumblr is awwwwesome. Meanwhile, RDJ opted out of a movie so he could be available for Sherlock Holmes 2. WIN.

    6 Insane Fan Theories That Actually Make Great Movies Better :D

    New 'Benry Knows Best' :D

    Dollhouse's Dr. Saunders has one more surprise in store.

    Dollhouse essay contest extended.

    GLAAD Media Award nominees, including: Glee, Supernatural, Buffy Season 8.

    Dianna Agron and Chris Colfer's interesting night. I love that someone like Dianna can do this too. It gives me hope.

    Chris Colfer interview ♥ forever. HIS FACE.

    New Mark Salling photos.

    Okay, so this won't make me watch 'True Blood'...but I might start watching those bits on YouTube :)

    Little girl meets her favourite actress, Yvonne Strahovsky. N'awww.

    Michael C. Hall has cancer.

    Torchwood quote icons
    [ profile] dekolette made lovely icons in fandoms I have no interest in
    Lovely multi-fandom
    More lovely multi-fandom

    ♥ forever.

    DDD + Sherlock Holmes )

    I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
    Green Queen
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    ( Jan. 13th, 2010 11:24 pm)
    OMG. FANDOM KOKESHI DOLLS. The BSG and Star Wars ones are awesome, but dude, I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE. About 3/4 of the stuff in my room is fandom and the other 1/4 is Japanese, so these would be....perfect. Perfect!

    Dollhouse stuff up for auction at eBay.

    News about returning 'Lost' cast members.

    In related news, Dom interview.

    Joss speaks on the Twilight issue - the character, not the sparklepires.

    Mark Salling is a hottie. Also, this interview video of the Glee cast and Ryan is cute. Casting and music spoilers for part 2 of season 1.

  • Alice, Star Trek, and The Thin Man

  • Small but pretty multi-fandom batch

  • Supremely colourful multi-fandom including some lovely Glee.

  • Dom dose )

    Green Queen
    green_queen: (Doc Horrible: Evil Laugh (MWAHAHA))
    ( Jan. 13th, 2010 12:18 am)
    Go join [ profile] lotr_lims. It's pretty great, very consistent, one of the best LIMS challenges I've done - and I've done a lot.

    Real life:
  • Interviewed for the director position I want today. I will be so bummed if I don't get it, seriously. I don't think the interview went as well as it could have, I was tired and not feeling well.

  • Puck isn't letting me get much sleep, but he's so damned cute. He does this little butt wiggle before he pounces on things, and it's adorable. Also, he's quite cuddly. He keeps scratching me, though, mostly by accident - trying to get up on my lap and things like that. I'm covered in scratches.

  • It's really fucking hot.

  • Glee:
  • Go join [ profile] gleeverse, it's fun. It's one of those game communities where you're on a team and you do challenges. I'm on Team New Directions, because clearly the Glee kids are the best.

  • Woo! 'Glee' officially renewed for a second season! I'm sick of seeing "I love Glee, even though it's flawed" everywhere. Quit qualifying your love. 'Chuck' is flawed. Hell, even 'Dollhouse' is flawed. I think there's only three genuinely flawless seasons of television I've ever seen.

  • Casting spoilers. Seems everyone ever in a musical is getting in on the show.

  • New HQ pomro pics.

  • 'Chuck' season 3 premiered strong. I've watched the first, I'll watch the second tonight. It's such a fun show.

  • As linked by Maurissa and others: Commentary!: The Musical’: The Commentary. It's available on iTunes, btw.

  • The Dr. Horrible gang at PaleyFest, talking about making Commentary!
  • Scott Allie explains the accidental reveal of Twilight from Buffy Season 8 (MASSIVE SPOILERS). I'm actually really relieved, because for a while there it looked like it might have been someone that would've made me much more upset.

  • Bradley Whitford talks 'Cabin in the Woods'.

  • The Truth About Dollhouse's Evil Mastermind: his name is Tim Minear. Kidding. Kinda.

  • Seven Stories Concerning Joss Whedon - or - The Road to Damascus.

  • 'Firefly' to live on in new book of short stories.

  • James Gunn's new movie 'Super' will star Nathan Fillion, Linda Cardellini, Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon and others and looks...well, weird. I mean, it's James Gunn.

    Stacks of new promo photos from 'Star Trek' that are AWESOME. They're the base images for the amazing posters!

    [ profile] gqmf_awards is an off-shoot of [ profile] ontd_startrek and it's kinda awesome.

    Spider-Man 4 Scrapped; Sam Raimi & Tobey Maguire & Cast Out; Franchise Reboot for 2012. Um. WHAT?

    Very entertaining trailer for 'The A-Team'. If you have a problem and no-one else can help you...get Bradley Cooper shirtless. Hey, it won't solve your problem, but you'll probably forget about it for a few minutes anyway.

  • Lovely multi-fandom

  • More lovely multi-fandom

  • Dollhouse

  • RDJ & his movies

  • Daily Dom Dose )

    Equality is like gravity
    Green Queen
    green_queen: (Chuck: Awesome)
    ( Jan. 11th, 2010 02:30 am)
    LMAO! Matthew McConaughey can't stand up by himself.

    Apparently things are looking good for a sixth season of 'Supernatural'. I'm not sure I want one. Show are better when they end naturally and have an end date in sight.

    Glee open casting call for season 2.

    Lost characters make sandwiches - LOL.

    ABC turning Lost into a franchise? Ew.

    Chuck: TWOP interviews Zach, TV Guide interviews Zach and Ryan.

    Felicia blogs about a hideous, sexist, backwards Vanity Fair article some idiot woman wrote about Twitter, and is a million times smarter and more eloquent and respectful. Go Felicia.

    Does Dollhouse's Latest Head-Twister Actually Make Sense? and accompanying Whedonesque comments.

    Out of Their Element: What If We Forced Famous Heroes Out Of Their Franchises? AKA Kirk on Dollhouse. I'd rather have the Chris Pine version, thanks.

    The Star Trek sequel has a date! 2012. Still, yay.

    Gorgeous multi-fandom
    More pretty multi-fandom
    Glee + other fandoms
    Dollhouse + other fandoms

    DDD (new Flash Forward promo photo) )

    You know, this is a scenario I haven't tried - rigor mortis
    Green Queen
    I have a Tumblr. Are you happy now, [ profile] dekolette and [ profile] truffle_shuffle? Now what am I supposed to do with it?

    Those crazy Glee kids at the PCAs. ILU AMBER. Look at her face! I love those guys, they're adorable.. Video of them winning, and Grunberg presenting, so that's awesome. Chris! That pizza thing was stupid.

    People's Choice Awards winners, proving that the people should rarely choose. I like 8 of the winners. I hate Twilight.

    Let's make the Gay People's Choice Awards better. They usually have better taste anyway. Check out their gay man of the decade!

    Wait, Paddywhack and Genevieve Cortese were seeing each other? Since when? They're ENGAGED?

    Dichen and Enver talk about Joss & Fox and Neighbours. Apparently Dichen has a boyfriend who isn't Enver, which is....interesting. A little disappointing. Weird. Then a lot of comments about how Fox fucked up.

    Joss Whedon is our master now. The article is cute, but dude, Gina, Nathan and Adam were on Firefly first. Silly girl.

    'Chuck': A word from Captain Awesome. AND THAT WORD IS AWESOME. Faaaaavourite. Also, this interview with Brandon Routh reminds me of interviews of Chris Lowell when he joined Veronica Mars. Don't hate the character, people. Hate the contrivance.

    How Degazing Saved 'The Big Bang Theory'. Um, word.

    Go read [ profile] zombres's awesome 'Sherlock Holmes' review to see why you should watch it.

    Dom )

    Spock! Spock! Your head's an Earth rock!
    Green Queen
    I watched 'Star Trek' with commentary tonight. I wish they could've gotten some of the cast in, as much as I love JJ, Darlton, Orci and Kurtzman. It would've been fun. Also I'm vaguely insulted that JJ doesn't know Gaila's name. I like the movie so much better without the other "green girl".

    No One Will Ever Believe you: Bill Murray will deny all these stories.

    Obama appointed a trangeneder person to the government, which is neat.

    RDJ ♥ Jude Law.

    Stacks of icons:
    Fringe & Dollhouse
    Sherlock Holmes
    Seriously gorgeous, mostly Supernatural
    As above
    Favourite icon-maker

    Dom + Maggie )

    Life's candy and the sun's a ball of butter
    Green Queen
    green_queen: (Default)
    ( Nov. 22nd, 2009 09:28 pm)
    1. I probably have a job for next year. I'm going to be the director (and Boss) of the after school care program that I currently work at. I can do it with or without the teaching degree, it's full time, and I'll be a boss. I'm really excited about it.

    2. I had my birthday party last night. We played a 'Star Trek' drinking game, and [ profile] melissajane14 brought cake and bought me Veronica Mars s3 so I finally have it, and my cousin brought TMI and 'STARSKY AND HUTCH' SEASON 2 DVDs OMG I'M SO HAPPY, and [ profile] baldie_troll gave me hugs totally of his own accord. It was awesome. I wish I didn't have to go back to real life tomorrow.

    3. Linkies:
  • 'Chuck' returns January 10th

  • [ profile] gabsy!!! WHOSE LINE GIFS!!!!

  • Dom will present at the AMAs. I gotta catch up on FlashForward and White Collar.

  • Aaron Sorkin to return to TV

  • The 30 Most Disturbing 'Twilight' products (disturbing just for the fact that there's 30!), very negative review of 'New Moon' that has some brilliant points.

  • What Stormtroopers Do On Their Day Off

  • Sci Fi Now's 10 best scifi TV series.


  • The fandom's full of fail already, but now the 'Heroes' writers have spoken out against racism against white men. Seriously.

  • Disney casting: Villains & Royalty.

  • Awesome Enterprise-like light.

  • Mark Salling 'Glee' homage that he linked on his Twitter, and a wonderful article about Kurt Hummel. I can't help wondering how much of Chris inspires Kurt.

  • Continuing his own personal philosophy that spoiling everything about your show is the Best Idea Ever, have a spoilery Eric Kripke interview. Also, Samantha Ferris posts.

  • Icons: gorgeous Glee & Supernatural, Supernatural & Buffy.

  • 3. Glee 1.10 'Ballad' )

    4. Supernatural 5.10 'Abandon All Hope' )

    5. Still Walking (Aruitemo, Aruitemo) )

    3 out of 5

    6. AWESOME GIF, DDD + Chris Pine )

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