100 movies in 2007 )

A little announcement that won't affect anyone in the slightest: this year I'm switching to the more traditional five-star ratings system.

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( Jan. 1st, 2008 10:45 pm)
I've discovered there's two movies that I saw in 2007 that I thought I'd reviewed, but hadn't. So here's reviews of what I remember of them.

The Tigger Movie )

5 out of 10

The Illusionist )

6 out of 10

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( Jan. 1st, 2008 08:51 pm)
Time for a million posts! First, movie reviews.

Step Up )

4 out of 10

My Super Ex-Girlfriend )

1 out of 10

The Golden Compass )

4 out of 10

Enchanted )

8 out of 10

Little Women (1949) )

7 out of 10

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( Dec. 22nd, 2007 12:57 am)
The first challenge of the new round just went up at [livejournal.com profile] lost_cast_lims and it's MY WIFE OMG!!!

Spent the day getting a haircut and Christmas shopping with Mum and Mitchell, and am all done, yay! I hope everybody likes their presents, I tried my best.

Dear idiots complaining about the Writers' Strike,

You wouldn't have shows to watch at all if it weren't for the writers. If you genuinely want your shows back on the air, throw your full support behind the writers and force the networks to get their asses in gear. Even if it's for your stupid selfish reasons.

No love,
Green Queen

They cast the voice of Reepicheep for Dawn Treader.

Half-Blood Prince minor character casting news. Check out Blaise! I can't believe they have all this and no Gaunts :( I'm looking forward to Romilda though, for some reason I really like her.

50 Nerdy Things to Do Before You Die. You know, in case you run out of nerdy things you do every day. I never do...
Look at 9. LMAO. YES! Also, OMG, 19. My dream.

ALSFHS:DFJKHSD:FJ TAHMOOH. FOR SOME REASON TAHMOH IS NOMINATED IN A POLL THING. It's so...odd, but exciting! I voted for him. Unsurprisingly, he is losing, because nobody knows who he is and they picked a terrible picture, but TAHMOH!

Teeny tiny bit of Dom news and picture.

I was going to watch a movie tonight, but I am too tired. However, I have not yet reviewed Waitress )

8 out of 10

Daily Dom Dose )

If I had a penny for everything I love about you, I would have many pennies
Green Queen
Knocked Up )

7 out of 10

Balls )

6 out of 10

Ocean's Thirteen )

6 out of 10

ETA: New Lost promo!

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( Dec. 10th, 2007 12:18 am)
I've seen 5 movies in the last few days that I haven't reviewed yet.

Dungeons & Dragons )

2 out of 10

Superbad )

6 out of 10

Beautiful Thing )

7 out of 10

The Wild )

5 out of 10

Sunshine )

8 out of 10

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( Dec. 4th, 2007 01:46 am)
I have an ulcer on my tongue and it hurts :(

I forgot to mention, I left [livejournal.com profile] spnnewsletter. I won't be able to do it when I get a full-time job anyway because of the time difference, and I decided to leave now before the holiday season and job-searching starts in earnest. I'll miss it though, I always discovered so many interesting things on a Wednesday.

We've been sold to the Russians. SixApart gave up on us, it seems.

Erm, Michelle Trachtenburg and Zac Efron are starring in a kind of reverse-Big. I'll probably see it. *facepalm*

[livejournal.com profile] phuck made some very pretty Christmas icons, and [livejournal.com profile] ack_attack made All I Want for Christmas icons! Which reminds me, I need to do my Christmas cards tomorrow. I got paid, so I can afford it.

Tonight I saw Paris, Je T'aime )

8 out of 10

Daily Dom Dose )

Dell in a cake!
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( Nov. 26th, 2007 12:50 am)
Does anyone have a downloadable version of My Chemical Romance's new single? I can't believe I'm seeing them next week!!

I exist as an unpaid taxi service to my friends and family. Today Matt called at 5:55 pm saying he was stranded in Manuka and was supposed to be somewhere 20 minutes away at 6 and could I give him a lift? I filled the car with petrol last Wednesday and now have to refill it tomorrow. I don't have the resources for this, and I feel like I spend half my time ferrying people around.

Not having a phone is proving extremely stressful as well. I am aiming to get one tomorrow morning.

LOL! From [livejournal.com profile] dekolette, I bring you Chris Lowell as an elf.

I Sell the Dead teaser poster! *sigh* I do so miss Dom's old mouth...but on the other hand, yay, new Dom!

For those interested, Ron Moore answered some questions about BSG: Razor. They're very interesting, I like a man who admits to mistakes and really engages.

Random pretty gender-bending thing (that isn't Mitchell): pretty boys in womens' clothes. It's enchanting.

I've seen two extremely mediocre movies in the last couple days.

Leroy & Stitch )

5 out of 10

Top Secret! )

3 out of 10

Daily Dom Dose )

Your princess is in another castle
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( Nov. 17th, 2007 01:34 am)
WTF, Supernatural fandom. Who the hell cares, all she did was get drunk a few days before she's going to be legal anyway and then stupidly lie. She's young. Get over it.

ETA: Forgot to mention, today was a little better than yesterday, if still low-key. I had lunch in the city with Anthony and Jamie, both of whom bought me lovely presents (the Buffy: The Long Way Home full comic and a big folder to keep all my signed stuff and celeb photos in) and hung out with me for a while. It was nifty :)

I love Chris Lowell. Just a heads-up. MAD CRAZY LOVE.

More Joss blogging, which is always fun. This time he loves on the fans.

Cast list for Half-Blood Prince. Hero? Poor kid. I really hope David Yates's excellent directing will be enough to counter more terrible scripting by Steve fucking Kloves, Ron-hater extraordinaire.


And yeah, okay, most of this post won't make sense to people not already in the know.

Tonight I watched Dog Day Afternoon )

8 out of 10

I'm really behind, I have 18 more movies to see and a month and a half to do it :S

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( Nov. 5th, 2007 11:58 pm)
Three brief reviews of movies I've seen recently, to get me up to date.

Singapore Gaga )

6 out of 10

Death at a Funeral )

8 out of 10

The Maid )

5 out of 10

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( Oct. 15th, 2007 02:13 am)
I have a super cute new haircut. No photos yet - Squishy tried to take some yesterday but the camera setting was wrong and he ended up taking about 10 blurry photos of everybody - but I'll show you later. Also, I got water all over my jumper sleeve and none of my other jumpers are warm enough :(

I took the Movie Compatibility test on Facebook, and of all the movies on there, I always check Lord of the Rings and ET. They're like my dealbreakers. Anyone who doesn't like ET must be heartless. Right?

Pretty multi-fandom icons & more here, including a stack of Dom icons.

An interview with one of the new characters on Heroes. You know, the male one from that other cult show. Very slight season 2 spoilers ) There's other spoilers in that post, too.

Supernatural 3.06 and 3.07 stills. Spoilers, obviously. Very pretty spoilers.

Seth Green's going to be on Grey's Anatomy (why are all my favourite cult boys on dodgy girly TV shows? First Nathan on DH, now this?) and ridiculously awesome Star Trek casting news that makes me reeeally want to see the film.

Shows that have been picked up for additional scripts this US TV season.

[livejournal.com profile] dekolette has made a Dell picspam from Private Practice that makes me want to download the show. I can't find a decent download that's not in 10000 parts.

Also, I haven't done it yet because I'm not artistic and I'm trying to figure something out, but everybody should participate in Chris's online scrapbook. Esp. [livejournal.com profile] blondiusmaximus!

Super-pretty pictures of the wife at a recent event.

Friday night before I went out I babysat and watched Meet the Robinsons )

6 out of 10

Instead of a 10 fandom things, today I am going to do 10 real life things that are currently making me happy )

Another meme! From [livejournal.com profile] groaty:
Comment on this post. I'll choose seven userpics from your profile and you'll reply here (or you know, your own journal, whichever), explaining what they mean and why you're using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

My seven icons )

Daily Dom Dose )

Me vs. the Cruiser
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( Oct. 8th, 2007 09:57 pm)
I have a sinus infection and I was dehydrated enough at the doctor's today that she couldn't take my blood pressure. Good times! So I'm on antibiotics and I have to drink Gastrolyte, which is foul-tasting.

I'm getting seriously fucking pissed off about Idol. Firstly, I think one of Mark's overblown touchdowns has been deserved this year. Secondly, Tarisai may have a good voice, but she pissed all over a Queen song last night and they all fell to their knees and worshiped their fake little goddess. I cannot STAND that girl. Thirdly, Marty should've been out WEEKS ago, fourthly, what the hell kind of theme is BritPop?, and finally, BMac needs MORE ATTENTION.

At least Carl still keeps groping hugging everybody. That boy is so damn cute.

They found the purpose of the appendix!

Supernatural 3.04 episode description. Spoilers...obviously.

Some of the Heroes cast being cute, as they do, and some outtakes from that sexy boys-only shoot from ages ago. There's video of them being adorable at Access Hollywood, too.

My pretty wife has shown up recently, you can find the Maggie pics here at [livejournal.com profile] mata090680's and here at [livejournal.com profile] kerrsmith2306's, but only if you friend him.

I'm going to see Hairspray again tomorrow with what has turned out to be a million of my nearest friends (okay, 8, but seriously...) so today I watched the original Hairsrpay (1988) )

7 out of 10

Daily Dom Dose )

What can make me feel this way?
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( Oct. 7th, 2007 04:53 pm)
Don't worry, I wasn't dying or anything. You know how I've had a cold forever? My sister brought home a stomach bug during the week and yesterday I got hit with that on top of my cold. I'm still pretty sick, but I'm not stuck in bed or the bathroom anymore.

I'm still not really up for extended spams...or sitting in front of the computer for more than about 15 minutes at a time, for that matter...and I don't know how I'll be in the near future, so let's pretend a week has 5 days and call Muhney Week officially over, hmm? I'm sure he'd understand, if he cared.

I did get to watch Supernatural 3.01 )

Today, what with the lying around and trying not to move much, I watched two movies.

Charade )

8 out of 10

The History Boys )

6 out of 10

I know, short, lazy reviews, but I can't summon up anything better right now.

Daily Dom Dose )

Sick & tired of being sick & tired
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( Oct. 5th, 2007 11:50 pm)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the super lovely [livejournal.com profile] txvoodoo, whose generosity is unmatched.

TAHMOH AT EMMY EVENTS looking so fine.

Everyone and their dog's linked to it already, but Sweeney Todd trailer. However, Tony Head appears to have been axed from the film, which is upsetting.

4 things meme )

I saw two movies today:

1. Thoroughly Modern Millie )

5 out of 10

2. Paris When It Sizzles )

7 out of 10

Daily Dom Dose )

And I said well that's one thing we got
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( Sep. 30th, 2007 11:37 pm)
I spent the day hanging out with Mitchell and a couple of the new boys (squishy yay! and his boyfriend, who is nearly as good at Boggle as me) and I know I didn't update last night but I'm still sick and therefore soooooooo tired. I am too incensed, however, not to post that it is a travesty that Daniel's mediocre performance got a Touchdown on Idol and B-Mac's awesome one didn't. I also just wanted to mention that a couple of nights ago I saw Flight of the Phoenix )

4 out of 10

Just one little link: Vote for your favourite actor INCLUDING DOM so you know who I'll be voting for. The Supernatural fangirls have obviously already hit the website.

Daily Dom Dose x2 )

Crop circles in the carpet
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( Sep. 25th, 2007 11:47 am)
I had dinner & a movie with the squishy and Mitchell tonight, and that was super fun, even though poor Mitchell is sick and therefore even whinier than normal. I WANT TO SEE HAIRSPRAY AGAIN SO BAD. Also, I am developing a cold.

I've been in a really good mood for two days running now.

For fuck's sake, people, it takes me quite a few hours to catch up on Heroes and I'm not even waiting for it to air here. PLEASE stop spoiling me!

Speaking of Heroes, adorable Quinto-centric cast icons, new behind-the-scenes season 2 pics (and more), and spams: Mid-res rare shots from [livejournal.com profile] mata090680 and an ENOURMOUS Quinto-centric one via [livejournal.com profile] canadian_turtle.

There's a few gorgeous but kind of one-note Buffy icons over here.

There is a RIDICULOUSLY adorable interview with Chris Lowell about Private Practice here. The first and last questions made me LOL. I adore him, ok?

TAHMOH! Tahmoh will be at a Creation event in Sacramento this weekend! He's replacing Jamie Bamber. Sorry, Bambi, but I'd be happier with TAHMOH.

So today I saw two movies:

Sepet )

8 out of 10

Stardust )

5 out of 10

Daily Dom Dose )

Where your heart's the only compass you'll ever need
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( Sep. 21st, 2007 10:52 pm)
I just found three of my cousins on Facebook (and they're all brothers.) That's awesome! Also, I got a new phone today. I named her Boomer, because the one I lost was called Six. Boomer's a better phone but less 'me', I think. Today I wrote a 2000-word essay in 2.5 hours, which kind of amazed me as I usually work at a rate of about 500 words an hour. However, as a result, I missed Lost Radio this morning! Boo. I didn't actually have time to listen, but still.

My sleep pattern is totally fucked right now, though. I am exhausted during the day most of the time and then can't get to sleep at night. It sucks royally.

I also watched two made-for-TV movies: Wendy Wu, Homecoming Warrior )

3 out of 10

The Ron Clark Story )

6 out of 10

I'm going to start working on my Lamb Week spam soon, but in the interim, does anyone have a particular spam they'd like to see?

Mmmm, the Y Tu Mama Tambien kiss. I should watch that again this weekend.

THE HEROES CAST BEHIND THE SCENES OF AN ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY PHOTO SHOOT. THEY ARE SO CUTE, I CANNOT COPE. AND THEY SPOIL US! Uh, and not just in a 'we are so lucky' sense. Kristen's innermost thoughts tripped over the chair!

You know how Supernatural keeps sucking me back in? It spits me out again with promos like the first three at this link. The other three are OK. Character spoilers, if you don't already know.

Piz Dell news on the Private Practice front. I really think Chris Lowell should just change his name to Piz. It is the most awesome name ever, and it suits him.

Daily Dom Dose )

English drunk samurai Indiana Jones
Green Queen
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( Sep. 17th, 2007 12:30 am)
Idol: What a train wreck of a show. Rock week usually does suck, though. Mark Da Costa was obviously the best, but I also loved B-Mac and I didn't think Matt or Jacob did too badly. Most everyone else was shocking or mediocre, though.

Very happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] corellianjedi; sorry I missed it.

Some awesomecakes videos:
Behind the scenes of Hairspray. I wish I could see a clip just of Zac doing Ladies' Choice. Also, the hair in this movie is a work of art and James Marsden is hilarious.
New Adrian Pasdar YouTube clip: Wasn't sure what day it was. Called Milo. He always knows.
Rove and DanRad flirting. I knew it: soul mates.

Sugar Shock. Joss has been busy.

Tonight I saw 300 )

4 out of 10

Daily Dom Dose )

You're not special, you're extraordinary
Green Queen
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( Sep. 15th, 2007 09:03 pm)
I don't know how people can go out every night. I went to Cube the last 2 nights in a row and I am completely and utterly exhausted. It was fun, especially last night - it was Cube's second birthday, and Slinkee Minx played live. They sucked, but it got a lot of people in, which was fun. Going to Cube always leaves me feeling horny and lonely, though.

In other news, I am only $10 off my half of the Muhney convention ticket, YAY! Then I just have to save for the fun spending, and I'll be set. Once I've paid for the ticket I can at least relax a little.


These pictures of Mena Suvari are kind of amazing.

Jensen Ackles on the CW Source. He looks good, but tired (already!) and talks about some stuff we know already and some stuff we don't. He doesn't give a whole lot away about season 3.

A LOLcat that made me LOL.

Jon Stewart's hosting the 2008 Oscars!! YAY. Who the hell maligned him? He was the best thing about the Oscars he hosted.

A surprise guest give Stephen Colbert a sign that he should run for President. Hilarious.

Torchwood icons. No Ianto, though.

Every Heroes spoiler for season 2 that you could possibly know is listed here.

Heroes cast at a pre-Emmys thing, and Kristen Bell too :D I REALLY hope Heroes wins some goddamn Emmys. The cast is so utterly gorgeous, they're all so sweet to each other and pretty.

The results of the Tubeys are up, reminding me of the enormity of Heroes' popularity.
Memorable Moments And Thingies (possibly my favourite)
The Biggies
The Montgomery Burns Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (Piz came second in most unwelcome new character. Idiots.)

More awards are around, though, and my favourite is [livejournal.com profile] txvoodoo's Alter-Emmys. You can also vote in [livejournal.com profile] bana76's Emmy predictions poll.

Battlestar Galactica vs. the FCC from Robot Chicken. LOL! I want to see Robot Chicken, and not just because of my long-standing crush on Seth Green.

The Hairspray cast recording songs. Zac is ADORABLE, Elijah Kelley and Nikki Blonsky are fantastic, and John Travolta is awesome.

So speaking of which, my review of Hairspray )

10 out of 10

Where I sit on the Kinsey scale )

Daily Dom Dose )

You can't stop the beat
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( Sep. 10th, 2007 02:32 am)
Had a good day yesterday, met up with [livejournal.com profile] leishpod at Koko Black where everybody fell into a choco-coma except for me, and last night I went out with the usual crowd but we got bored and ended up at Melissa's which was more fun. And then I came home and went to bed, and woke up this morning feeling sick, but not in a hangover way since I had one beer and one sparkling red wine. Earaches are the fucking devil, I swear, and I've been having headaches for like a week.

Tonight Zac Efron, Nikki Blonsky and Dan Radcliffe were on Rove, which was awesome. I think Rove may have found a kindred spirit in DanRad. On the topic of Idol, they need to do something about the fact that the band is always drowning out the singers. I heart B-Mac. He's like a dorky gay high school musical emo guy, and then he sings and it's incredible. Carl was good, Natalie Gauci was good, I can't really remember whether I liked anyone else. I dislike Tarisai. So much.

New Chris Lowell pic.

Muhney posted! Things seem to be going well for him, which is awesome, couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

Battlestar Galactica won a creative Emmy award. Yay! Also, that means the big Emmys are coming, so double yay!

Speaking of the big Emmys, the Heroes cast at a pre-Emmy bash. SO CUTE. There's also an interview of the Europe World Tour lot here. For more of that lot check out [livejournal.com profile] canadian_turtle's journal, she has some of the best fan encounter stories I've ever seen, plus a bit of Dom!

John Barrowman is sex.

Little Supernatural season 3 nugget. Teeny spoilers.

[livejournal.com profile] tamaduh made pretty icons.

There's some Dom clips here which I will download soon and flail about - right now I'm working on Dead Like Me. Watched the pilot today, creepy and kinda awesome. The only problem I have with it is that I dislike Rebecca Gayheart, though it looks like she's not sticking around, thankfully.

Yesterday I saw Ratatouille )

6 out of 10

Daily Dom Dose )

Bad people are punished by society's law, and good people are punished by Murphy's Law
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