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( Dec. 6th, 2011 10:07 pm)

New year's Eve premiere )

more Trevor Live )

On the 24th of November (LOL I'm terrible) I watched 50/50 )

4 out of 5

Today I watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid )

2 out of 5

The interview went...okay, not perfectly, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I was there for two hours and they seemed to be mostly positive.

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( Dec. 4th, 2011 11:27 pm)
So my computer's poor hard drive has completely died, and until recently I was mostly on my iPad, which is hard to post from. I've got Mitchell's computer set up now, so I'll try to get the other two SPACE tour posts up, but I won't be able to finish the masterpost without my own iTunes and Photoshop, unfortunately. So I'm dependant on waiting for Mitchell to fix my computer.

Meanwhile...I have a job interview on Tuesday! Also, this:

Anything Goes is an interactive community with games, puzzles, challenges, and more!
Apply Today!
Phase 1 starts January 1st, but teams are being formed now.

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( Oct. 1st, 2011 11:31 pm)
Today I:

  • had two Italian hot chocolates with friends

  • went to Costco with said friends and hit my head on the lid to my boot (or trunk, for you Americans)

  • bought new knives that are brightly coloured and super fun

  • proceeded to cut myself on said knives while trying to open the packet - twice

  • burned myself making dinner

  • bumped into a friend for the second time in a week, having not seen him for 9 month beforehand

  • watched 80s horror movies!

  • watched all of Darren's scenes in the rather abysmal Eastwick.

My life is a wild party.

Cute Glee icons, including my fabulous animated Blaine ones.

PUCK DOES THIS. In fact,l he chased the cursor around the screen as I typed up this entry.

More YouTube vids, of the Darren variety )

My friend told me that the new Fright Night is awesome and I have to see it, but before doing that I decided to watch the original Fright Night (1985) )

3 out of 5

Darren, mostly from the Philippines )

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( Oct. 1st, 2011 12:20 am)
Funniest thing on TV this week: Community spoilers )

So I'm doing Cookin 101, in spite of the outcome of the poll and all that, because it turns out the other class is a) much further away from me and b) on an inconvenient night. Thursday nights work better for me than Wednesday nights.

Some pictures from two Darren performances )

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( Sep. 30th, 2011 01:15 am)

The Avengers on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. I also discovered last night that the secret filming name for The Avengers is "group hug" and there's stacks of photos of them filming in New York and being adorable.

Went to see [ profile] kittysorceress in Avenue Q tonight and it was totally awesome! Very impressive production, easily the best amateur production I've ever seen. Also, there was a guy in it who she said had a Darren-as-Blaine look, and not only was she right, but it's also a guy I know because he's a friend of my sister's! I freaked out a little.

Today I watched The Tale of Despereaux )

3 out of 5

Darren spam, containing some gifs from I Am Unicorn )

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( Sep. 24th, 2011 03:32 pm)
So I've been thinking of taking a cooking class and lamenting the fact that I couldn't find one to do in Canberra, even with all my Google-fu.

AND THEN, yesterday, a flyer came in the mail for a previous tenant of my apartment - and it was offering a whole bunch of courses, including cooking classes! It's like a scientific coincidence that I will choose to interpret as fate! There are two classes run by the same guy that are the same price and go for seven weeks. Now, the obvious choice would be Cooking 101, but I REALLY want to take the "Cooking for Blokes" class because:
a) I don't like the idea of being excluded based on my gender and
b) it might be a good way to meet guys.


[Poll #1781143]

Keep in mind I'm also actually unemployed right now, but I do have a fair bit of money and this course costs much, much less than even my rent for one week. It works out at less than $50 a week.

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It's Not Unusual - Darren on Glee

I am now unemployed. I am currently remaining fairly positive. At least I'll be able to catch up on movies and make some posts soon.

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( Aug. 19th, 2011 09:47 pm)
Best Week Ever poses the question, is Darren Criss perfect? I created an account to type "Yes".


Been laid off, I have 4 more weeks in my job and I'm in Melbourne for most of next week. I need to look at jobs. I knew this was coming, I'm much less upset about it than I thought I would be - which is partly because there's a much, much bigger payout than I thought there would be (redundancy package of two weeks and long service leave for about 7 years). Still, it's upsetting, I do love my job.

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( Aug. 11th, 2011 01:33 pm)

"A Potter musical would be intersting, wouldn't that be cool? Someone should do that at some point, I think it would be funny."

Just trollin'.

ETA: Also, today I had to buy a new fish tank because the old one sprung a leak, and I decided to get a new fish to go with it. He is mostly mottled grey and white. I have named him Commander Up. (My two pre-existing fish are called Bait and Switch - ten points for catching the reference.) I'm just hoping the new tank proves to be Puck-proof - he's already been getting up on the lid, which is not quite as sturdy as the old tank's lid.

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I'm going to take a moment to do a couple of rants.

1. I am sick of everyone in the USA, in the state Darren is in, whining about not being able to go see Darren. It's true, I could have gone to see him in America, but I would have actually gone into debt if I had. Not being able to see him because you can't be assed to go out in the heat, or didn't know about it (the information's been available for ages - if I'm in Australia and knew about it, you could've), or it's a whole three hours away, or you had to work (TAKE THE DAY OFF) is just not good enough, and it makes me angry. Hell, I'm angry at MYSELF for not going and I would be actually broke if I had gone.

2. I'm enjoying this meme so much.

3. I put too much garlic in my bolognaise.

4. They're trying to demote/fire me again at work, which is frustrating and a bit demoralising, but I need to start looking for other jobs. This is scary to me. I love my job, and I don't know if I'd be good at something else.

5. Throughout the entire Six Flags Fiesta Texas show Darren has a bit of hair sticking up on the right side of his head. I reeeeally want to squish it down. It's adorable, but also frustrating.

Starkid at Leaky Con audio masterpost. You'll never guess what I'm listening to right now.


Sound check from St. Louis and the whole damn concert.

This is probably my favourite live Darren version so far. Firstly there's all the Joey love at the beginning, which makes my heart melt; then there's him in this video, with the wind rippling his shirt, all intent and big-eyed and gorgeous; then there's the fact that it sounds amazing. Maybe the best it's ever sounded.

More videos )

Darren spam - big old pictures, so don't click unless your connection is sturdy )

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( Jul. 9th, 2011 12:55 am)
1. Amy Farrah Fowler is totally my favourite Big Bang Theory character these days. I cannot express how amazing a job I think Mayim Bialik has done at making Amy a rounded, warm, funny, likeable character. I know we love Sheldon, but I think Amy stands up on her own.

2. Dwarves from "The Hobbit"!

3. Magneto and Professor X Had Sex at the Movies This Summer—Did You See It?

4. [ profile] melissajane14 and her fiance are probably already in America. I'm trying not to think about it too much, because I am happy for them but it makes my heart hurt.

5. Good Omens casting picspam. I get McAvoy and Fassbender, but in my head it's always going to be Paul Bettany and Johnny Depp. And Bob Hoskins as Shadwell. And Christina Hendricks as War. I may have thought about this a few times.



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( May. 27th, 2011 06:34 pm)
Adventures in child care: 6:15 pm, 15 minutes after closing time, and three carers, two mothers, and three kids are all crowded around a puzzle trying to finish it before we can go home for the weekend. Possible this should be "Adventures in mild OCD tendencies" instead.

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( Apr. 25th, 2011 11:18 pm)
FULL VIDEO OF Blaine and the Pips DARREN AND THE WARBLERS PERFORMING A SONG ON GLEE that I can't watch until Wednesday so someone has to tell me how amazing and awesome it is.

No embed code but gorgeous live performance of Human.

Also there's Darren on Ellen that I lost the link for and pics of Darren at a boom signing that apparently the lovely [ profile] godlizza went to that I can't post because I'm on my iPad. But. I am a happy camper right now.

ALSO: I have a bookshelf! And a desk! And Melissa's brand new fiancé is putting them together for me while I enjoy the videos of Darren and wine. Life is good.

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( Apr. 16th, 2011 09:26 pm)
My throat hurts BUT I have Deathly Hallows 1 on DVD. Gonna go watch the extras when I get home tonight!

Went to [ profile] melissajane24's birthday dinner and had ice cream, which made my throat not hurt so much, and am now at [ profile] baldie_troll's. Getting somewhat desperate for home internet. Possibly very desperate. I can't even remember which shows I watch anymore, and I WANT THE NEW HAWAII 5-0 DAMMIT.

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( Apr. 9th, 2011 04:16 pm)


I would legit kill people to get a high quality audio of him singing that version of Animal. Or possibly just maim them. Or maybe break a nail or something.

Am at [ profile] baldie_troll's preparing for party tonight. You should see how cute he looks. He's all dressed up in a bow tie and suspenders and a real shirt.

ETA: While I'm updating, yesterday I saw Sucker Punch )

1.5 out of 5

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( Mar. 30th, 2011 10:31 am)

I can barely hear him in the videos from this event, which sucks, but this is just Darren being adorable and making up a song.

I WISH I COULD HEAR IT BETTER. It sounds gorgeous.

The Phelps twins were lovely. I had so much fun on the weekend. Natalia Tena is kind of bonkers and amazing, and Stanislav Ianevski is a hottie, and the Phelps twins are funny and very sweet. It was totally awesome.

Also last weekend on March 26th I saw The Adjustment Bureau )

3 out of 5

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Going to Melbourne this weekend to see the Weasley twins XD

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[Error: unknown template qotd]

I'm literally only posting this for my fellow Aussie convention whores, because we know a girl who asks it at every convention ever.

Also, yes, I had two - a teddy bear called Kuma and a rag doll called Doll-doll. Doll-doll is almost in pieces but still with me, and Kuma went out with the sheets at a hotel in Korea and I never got him back.

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( Feb. 18th, 2011 11:01 pm)

I'm moving house tomorrow. I will be on very limited internet access for a while, and will probably use nearly all of that internet just trying to keep up with Darren Criss. So if I don't post for a few days, I won't be dead, just wishing I were. (Seriously, I might be internet free at home for a whole month. You might as well take away my air.)

My friends and I are going to make a short film about vampires. It's gonna be awesome.


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